Send girlfriend’s sexy underwear and get angry

Send girlfriend's sexy underwear and get angry

Send girlfriend’s sexy underwear and get angry

A beautiful and sexy erotic underwear is a gift that every woman is willing to receive, and it is not easy to choose sexy underwear as men.However, sometimes even if you have taken it seriously and carefully, your girlfriend may be dissatisfied or uncomfortable because of your sexy underwear.Today we will explore why women are angry with sexy underwear and provide solutions.

1. No correct measurement size

Sex underwear is designed to show the beautiful body curve of women, but if there is no correct size, it may have ugly wrinkles and give people uncomfortable feeling.If this is why your girlfriend is angry, then you need to learn how to measure the size correctly.Find out her bust, waist, and hips, and then choose the appropriate size every time I measure sex underwear.

2. The style is not suitable for your body

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Also bored, there are sexy lingerie styles that are not suitable for your figure.If you choose the wrong underwear style, it will enlarge some places that you don’t want to see, or tighten the place where you don’t want to shape, bringing discomfort to people.Therefore, we need to consider the style suitable for our body, and it is best to choose underwear that can emphasize the curve.

3. The material is not good

Sometimes the material of sex underwear may cause itching or stimulating women’s skin, which is one of the common situations.Take some time to choose the material suitable for your girlfriend and find the best quality assurance.

4. Poor color

The choice of sexy underwear color is also an important point. In most cases, dark underwear may be more colorful, but it may be more difficult to match your girlfriend’s clothes.In addition, white sex underwear will be more pure, fair skin should choose this style, while women with darker skin tone can choose light -colored underwear.

5. Poor quality

If the quality of the sexy underwear you choose is very poor, the collarbone and shoulders may be scratched, and the underwear may also be worse in a short time.Therefore, choosing high -quality sexy underwear is very important.

6. I don’t like it

Sometimes it may be that they don’t like specific sexy lingerie styles, because anyone has their own aesthetic concept.If your girlfriend doesn’t like a kind of underwear, don’t be angry, listen carefully to her opinion and respect her thoughts.


7. The selected erotic underwear does not match its own style

If the style of sex lingerie is not matched with your own style, it is likely to cause uncomfortable and unconfident.Therefore, you need to choose the right sexy underwear according to your girlfriend’s personality and style.

8. Excessive exposure

Sex underwear is often larger than other underwear, not all women like it.You can choose some simple but sexy sexy underwear, so that your girlfriend will feel comfortable and confident.


Choosing a underwear suitable for your body and personality is more important than pursuing sexy.Therefore, when choosing sexy underwear, you should respect your own will and natural temperament, and avoid buying products with many problems, so as not to be deliberate and tedious.