Recommended for sexy underwear Korean dramas


Korean dramas have always been well -known for their exquisite production and fascinating plots.In addition to the plot and actor’s performance, the fashion elements in Korean dramas have also attracted the attention of many fans.Among them, the sexy underwear worn by female characters in the play has triggered the boom in buying fans.Here are several sexy underwear recommended in Korean dramas.

"Descendants of the Sun"

In this hot Korean drama, the heroine Jiang Muyan (Song Huiqiao) once wore a number of sexy sexy underwear in the play.It is recommended that a black hollow net sock set is inlaid with lace, lines slim, and at the same time add some small details to the design of the chest, adding sexy.This sexy underwear is suitable for women who want to breast enhancement, slim and highlight the curve.

"You from the Stars"

In this Korean drama, most of the sexy lingerie styles worn by the heroine Qian Songyi (Quan Zhixian) are more simple, but they are not sexy.In the play, she passed through a black hook pattern.In the design of embroidery, it is perfectly combined with sexy and romantic.At the same time, this sexy underwear is also suitable for self -cultivation, allowing women to further create an S -shaped figure while wearing.

"Cheese Trap"

In this Korean drama, the heroine Hong Xi (Jin Shuozhen) not only has a sexy and domineering sexy underwear, but also wore a white body sexy underwear.This conjoined underwear uses nude tone, which is in line with the trend of the underwear industry; the design on the chest adopts a deep V -neck, which is suitable for women who like to show their chests.The overall style is full of sexy and comfortable.

"Hua You Ji"

In this Korean drama, the heroine Tian Rou (Park Shin Hye) wore a leopard and sexy underwear to show her sexy style.This erotic underwear uses a more retro leopard element, but it has more slim -fitting waist in the style. At the same time, the black hollow embellishment is added to the design of the chest and waist, which further increases sexy.

"Hercules Girls Both Feng Shun"

In this Korean drama, the heroine Fengshun (Gao Shengxi) put on a black -shaped underwear to reflect her bodybuilding curve.This erotic underwear is made of polycatis fiber, which can effectively slim the body. At the same time, the U -shaped design is used in the design of the chest, which can highlight the chest and further increase the sexuality.Not only is it suitable for women who like fitness, but also for women who prefer sexy.

"Castle in the Sky"

In this Korean drama, the heroine Du Xiu (Park Shin Hye) puts on a pink tulle suit, showing a soft temperament.The excellent outline design of this sexy underwear allows women to show the lines and waist lines when wearing.Not only is it in line with the fashion trend of underwear, it is also suitable for women to create a beautiful curve.

"Empress Ki"

In this Korean drama, most of the sexy lingerie styles wearing the heroine’s noble (Yan Zhenghua) are mostly gorgeous and noble style, and they are all suitable for women in the workplace.Among them, a pink corset reveals the breath of romance and gentleness, and at the same time adds details to the design and increases the texture.After women wear it, they can not only increase self -confidence, but also show elegant and noble femininity when wearing.


In this Korean drama, the sexy underwear wearing the heroine Lu Minyu (Liu Lian) is mostly black, which is consistent with her character image that prefers to collect black underwear.Among them, the black hollow bodybuilding vest uses the blended material of polyester and elastic fibers, making women a high comfort to wear.At the same time, the asymmetrical design adds some small details on the lines, without sexy and gorgeous feelings.

"Law Heroes"

In this Korean drama, the heroine An Yizhi (Lin Zhenna) mostly wears simple sexy underwear.One of the black corsets with extremely fine elastic fibers can allow women to feel the greatest comfort when wearing.The overall design is simple, in line with the simple style of underwear, but it is very sexy.


In this Korean drama, the heroine Cui Zhiyou played the female character with the princess status, and the sexy underwear style wearing is still more sophisticated.One of the white sexy and gorgeous suits, which uses fine details, is in line with the seriousness and luxury of the princess.At the same time, the design on the chest shows the sexy side of the princess.


In Korean dramas, sexy underwear is not only a simple aesthetic expression, but also a fashionable and popular element.From the sexy lingerie style wearing the heroine in Korean dramas, we can also see that sexy and beautiful curves are the theme that has been unchanged in women’s underwear styles.

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