Real people try to open the gear sex underwear video

Real people try to open the gear sex underwear video


The appearance of sexy underwear has brought more sexy enjoyment to humans.The opening and fun underwear makes people more convenient in the process of sex. You can enter directly without taking off your underwear.So, how is the real effect of opening and fun underwear, and is it suitable for everyone?This article will introduce a video of a real -person trial -opening sexy underwear to answer this question for everyone.

Video introduction

The trial of this video is a young beauty with a beautiful figure.In the video, she first showed different types of opening sexy underwear, including pantyhose, conjoined, and gathering.Subsequently, she made a try on and showed the actual effects of opening the sexy underwear by showing a number of scenes such as sports, sitting, and lying down.

Pantyhose -style opening sexy underwear

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The trials first tried the pantyhose -style sexy underwear.This underwear is very similar to ordinary pantyhose, but its crotch is open to facilitate the use of sex in the process of sex.In the video, the trials have displayed different scenarios.When she performed some strenuous exercise, the underwear did not fall off.And in sitting and lying, underwear can be fixed well.

Conjusational opening sexy underwear

The conjoined open -stall sex underwear is similar to pantyhose, but it combines the top with the lower dress.This underwear is very similar to ordinary tights, but its local opening is used in the process of convenient sex.When the trials are displayed in different scenarios, the conjoined open -stall sex underwear also performs very well.The tight design makes the underwear not fall off, and the elasticity of the underwear is also suitable for different body needs.

Gathering stall sexy underwear

Gathering open -strokes of erotic underwear is a underwear designed for the chest.It has a enhanced support cup and a strap, which can shape a more sexy chest effect.When the trials are displayed, the gathering of sexy underwear can indeed make the figure more sexy, but during exercise, the complex structure of the underwear may make it easy to fall off.

Open the size of the sexy underwear

For many people, size is a very critical issue.When the trials are displayed, we can see that the sexy underwear is not as easy to wear as traditional underwear.Therefore, choosing the right size is more critical.During the trial, we can see that the trials chose the size selected according to their figure, and the performance of the underwear is also very good.

Suitable crowd

Although the opening and fun underwear can be much more convenient in the process of sex, not everyone is suitable for use.For example, if you have conflicts about the process of sex, you may not have a more comfortable effect with the use of the opening and fun underwear.In addition, if your skin is more sensitive, then too tight underwear or underwear using some inappropriate materials may cause symptoms such as skin allergies.

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How to use and precautions

When using the open -stall sex underwear, you should choose the appropriate size according to your body.Especially when gathered underwear, you need to pay attention to whether the supporting cup is suitable for your chest shape.In addition, in the process of use, we must prevent long -term wear, so as to avoid excessive tight underwear caused physical discomfort.


Overall, the opening of sexy underwear can indeed play a great role in the process of sex.Through this trial video, we can see that the opening and sexy underwear can indeed bring more sexy experiences.However, pay attention to the size and material type before use to avoid excessive tight or uncomfortable materials.