Playing Welling underwear

Playing sex underwear: make you more sexy, confident, and more interesting


Interest underwear is a kind of underwear designed and produced for sex.Unlike ordinary underwear, sexy underwear usually has a more sexy and teasing style. It is a tool to enhance sexual experience, stimulate emotions, and enhance quality of sex.This article will introduce sexy underwear types, choices and maintenance methods, and how to use sexy underwear and skills in sexual life.

Interest underwear type

There are many styles of sexy underwear, and different types can be selected according to different uses and occasions.

Beauty sexy sheet

Beauty erotic underwear is a sexy, charming and seductive underwear, which is usually used to enhance sexual experience and sexy.Common styles include lace jackets, sexy pajamas, sex stockings, etc.

Adult sexy underwear

Adults’ sexy lingerie is usually used in toy character games or role -playing, which allows both sides to experience different life characters in the situation.Common adult sexy underwear types include nurses, police, Eden Angels, and school uniforms.

European and American sexy underwear

European and American sex lingerie has a unique European and American style and design. Wearing them will make you more mysterious, attractive and charm in the process of sex.Common European and American sexy underwear types include leather underwear, corset, sexy stockings, etc.

Precautions for buying sexy underwear

The following matters need to be paid when choosing a sexy underwear:


The size of the sexy underwear is slightly different from the size of ordinary underwear, so you need to accurately measure your body size and select the appropriate size according to the size watch.


The material of sexy underwear is usually special, so you need to choose the appropriate material according to your skin quality and the environment.Under normal circumstances, the materials such as lace, silk, cotton, etc. are more comfortable, while leather, PVC and other materials are more irritating.


When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to whether its sexuality meets the needs of yourself and the other half.Different styles, colors, and fabrics affect the sexy level of underwear. It is very important to choose the sexyness suitable for you.

How to maintain sexy underwear

Maintenance of sexy underwear can extend its life, and at the same time maintain the beauty and hygiene of the underwear.


Sex underwear cannot be cleaned with washing machines, because the friction and temperature of the washing machine may damage the fabric of the underwear.Therefore, it is recommended to wash it with warm water and professional cleaning agent and dry it in a cool place.

Category storage

Interest underwear is preferably stored according to different styles, colors, etc. for future use and maintenance.At the same time, it is recommended not to wash with other clothes to prevent dyeing and deformation.

Avoid direct sunlight

Fun underwear avoids exposure, especially the strong sunlight.Because the ultraviolet rays in the sun can cause the underwear fabric to harden, degenerate and deform.

The application skills of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is not only a kind of underwear, it can also bring you more sexual pleasure and excitement.Here are some fun underwear use skills:

Fasting with erotic underwear

Before sex, you can flirt with the other half with sexy underwear.For example, try to wear sexy underwear in different ways, such as fast, off, twist, exposure, etc., which can increase the mystery of sexy underwear and the attractiveness to the other half, thereby achieving the purpose of improving the quality of sex.

Use sexy underwear as a sex prop.

Interest underwear can not only be worn as a underwear, but also act as a kind of sex.For example, in the process of sex, wearing sex underwear in a special position, or binding each other’s hands and feet with sex underwear, thereby increasing sexual stimulation and exciting feeling.

in conclusion

Interest underwear is a tool to enhance sexual experience and improve sexy.When selecting, maintaining and using sex underwear, you need to pay attention to related matters and skills.Through the correct method and skills, sexy underwear can bring you more sexy, confident and more interesting sex experience.

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