Men buy sexy underwear with women

Men buy sexy underwear with women

Interest underwear is no longer a kind of welfare limited to women, and more and more men now start buying sexy lingerie.Among them, the difference between women and men to buy sexy underwear is very large.

Choosing suitable sexy underwear for your girlfriend can bring fun in sex, and for men, there are some techniques and matters that need attention.Let’s take a closer look at the difference between men and women buying sexy underwear.

1. Differences for men and women to buy motivation

Men and women have different motivations for buying sexy underwear.Women are usually because they want to be more confident and sexy in sex, and they can also make them feel more comfortable and relaxed.Men like to choose love underwear for their girlfriends, wives or lover to mobilize the sexy atmosphere and enhance emotional relationships.

2. Different requirements for body figure

Women need to pay attention to problems such as their bodies, skin and hips when buying sexy underwear.Men may not care about this, and pay more attention to the beauty of sexy underwear on the body proportion and highlight the effect of the body curve.

3. The difference between appreciation and touch

Women pay attention to the feeling of wearing when buying sexy underwear and the sexy charm they can show.Men pay more attention to the sense of observation, and can also get pleasure from the aesthetics shown in sexy underwear.

4. The preferences of color and style are different

In terms of color and style, women prefer sexy underwear that complement their skin tone, while men like some brilliant or modern styles, such as hollow elements or strong visual impact designs.For colors, women are more willing to choose beige, light, black, and men’s choices are more scattered.

5. The impact on sexual power is different

A major role of sexy underwear is to help enhance sexual ability.For women, sexy underwear can enhance self -confidence, mobilize sex atmosphere, and better enjoy sex.Men will choose to enhance sexy underwear that will enhance their energy and endurance to improve their performance and meet their needs of themselves and women.

6. Different purchase venues

When buying sexy underwear, women usually go to underwear stores or adult products stores. These shops are legal and the quality of goods is also guaranteed.Men are more inclined to buy sexy underwear online, because online shops are more convenient and fast, and in most cases, they can also guarantee privacy.

7. Different price concepts

Women’s investment in sexy underwear is usually less than men, usually around one or two hundred yuan.However, men will pay more money to choose love underwear for women, because they think this is a way to express his sincerity.However, there are also some men who feel more sensitive to prices and choose more cost -effective sexy underwear.

8. Other option parameters

When buying sexy underwear, women may also consider the quality and material of sexy underwear, while men may pay attention to the brand and designer combination of sexy underwear.

in conclusion

Men and women have great differences when buying sexy underwear.Women pay attention to factors such as their bodies, skin, styles and colors, while men pay attention to elements such as perception and whether they can mobilize sexy atmosphere.In addition, women like to buy in physical stores, while men tend to buy sexy underwear online.In terms of price, men will pay more money to buy sexy underwear to express their love and concern for women in this way.

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