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As a thing used to enhance interest and sexual interest, sexy underwear has become a cultural phenomenon.In the market, all kinds of erotic underwear are endless and dazzling.So, what types of sexy underwear is there?This article will introduce this topic from different perspectives.

1. Basic style (H2)

Basic style is the basic version of sexy underwear. The length and width are shorter than other styles. They only cover the most related parts of the female body, so they are considered to be more explicit.This type of underwear usually uses lace or transparent materials to show women’s body curves.

2. Adult products (H2)

Adult erotic supplies are a special sexy underwear.This underwear is usually composed of close -fitting clothing, while maintaining a comfortable effect while it is comfortable.This kind of sexy underwear also includes something played by characters, such as stockings, uniforms, etc., which can enhance sexual interest and intimacy.

3. European and American styles (H2)

The style of European and American underwear is completely different from Asian underwear.European and American underwear pays more attention to sexy. It uses a variety of strange design and production processes, which are usually more conspicuous and explicit than Asian underwear.

4. Fancy design (H2)

Fancy sexy underwear can evoke people’s imagination through the peculiar design and production process, making the wearer look very beautiful and sexy.This kind of sexy underwear can be said to be due to some flirting and sexy occasions.

5. Opening design (H2)

What we call the opening design refers to the design of the underwear part of the panties, which can maximize the part of the body exposed.Although in the market, there are no majority of sexy underwear designed in the market, they are some hot options.

6. Embroidery pattern (H2)

The embroidery pattern is usually mainly based on the delicate and delicate fabric and embroidery technology. This sexy underwear is very soft for the skin of the wearer.In addition, they also use some richer and more carved embroidery to enhance women’s temperament and sexuality.

7. Lace details (H2)

Lace is a very sexy substance. When it is used on sexy underwear, it can make women more beautiful.The lace texture is delicate and soft, which can show the curve and beautiful temperament of the female body well, making the emotions between female couples more enhanced.

8. Material selection (H2)

Materials also play an important role in fun underwear.Some materials, such as spandex, silk, Mahai, and cashmere, are extremely durable, comfortable and breathable, and therefore become the material of sexy underwear.In addition, some natural fibers, such as cotton and nylon mixtures, are also good choices.

9. Color matching (H2)

Color matching is very important for sexy underwear.The color of emotional colors, such as red and black, can evoke sexual associations, which is more likely to attract the interest of the wearer on the occasion.

10. Summary (H2)

In general, the sexy underwear market is very extensive, including many different types and styles.The effects of wearing every style of sexy underwear are different, and everyone can find their favorite type.The most important thing is that sexy underwear, as an endless thing, is also an important means to enhance sexual interests and help people build intimate relationships.