Interesting underwear stockings large

Interesting underwear stockings large

For women with a relatively large figure, it is not easy to find a suitable sexy underwear and stockings.However, this does not mean that large -sized women cannot wear bright and sexy sexy underwear.Here are some techniques and suggestions for buying sexy underwear and stockings.

Find the correct size

The most important thing is to determine the correct sexy underwear and stockings.Excessive size can cause discomfort and discomfort, and excessive size will affect the support and appearance effect of underwear.Therefore, before buying a lot of sex underwear stockings, be sure to measure the size of the key positions such as the bust, waist and hip circumference with tape measures or anglers.

Choose a style that suits you

The large appearance and function of sexy underwear stockings are very diverse, such as: sexy and charming, fresh and cute, clever coverage, etc.Different occasions, different personal tastes, the style of choice is also different.For women who like stockings, you can choose large -sized stockings with underwear to highlight your beauty.

Pay attention to the details of the underwear style

Make sure that the big style of sexy underwear and stockings is suitable for you and can tolerate and supplement your own curve.Different body types need different style design.For example, if the chest is large, you need to choose a style that can provide more support and control, such as steel rings and underwear with filling.

Consider material and quality

Good materials can increase the comfort of sexy underwear and stockings, while higher quality can ensure product performance and life.However, compared to ordinary -size sexy underwear stockings, large underwear costs higher.Therefore, you can choose according to personal needs and budgets.

Replace regularly

Whether it is large or ordinary sexy underwear stockings, it needs to be replaced regularly.The elasticity and function of the underwear decreased over time, and it is easier to accumulate bacteria during use.Therefore, it is very important to update sexy underwear and stockings on a regular basis.

Try more comparison

When looking for sexy underwear stockings, comparison and trial are important, so that you can better understand the style and size that suits you.In addition, understanding and comparing the price and quality of different brands and merchants can also save a certain amount of cost.


In addition to the underwear itself, the large accessories of sexy underwear stockings are also one of the key points of matching.Such as high heels and jewelry such as jewelry can increase the overall effect of sexy underwear and stockings.

Understand your needs

The last point is to understand your needs.Before buying sexy underwear and stockings, you need to consider the purpose of buying underwear.It is to increase self -confidence, improve body type or social activities, etc. This question requires the answer by itself in order to correctly choose sexy lingerie stockings.

All in all, for women who are looking for sexy underwear stockings, understanding their body size and characteristics, choosing suitable styles, materials and quality is very critical.Through attempts and comparisons, you can find a large number of sexy underwear and stockings that suits you, making yourself more confident, sexy and comfortable.

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