Interesting underwear H series short novels

Interesting underwear H series short novels

Chapter 1: The first meeting

The snow -white lace corset and black G wire seemed to outline her beautiful body lines.Wang Yang first saw her, and felt that her heart was about to stop.Her gentle smile and tempting eyes made him fall into love.

"Do you like it?" She asked softly, making Wang Yang more and more heartbroken.

Chapter 2: Passion Night

"This set of H conjoined pants is so seductive!" She whispered softly, and suddenly grabbed Wang Yang’s tie to pull him closer.

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The two were close to their bodies and blended warmth.On that passion night, they learned more deeper and enjoyed the flames of burning with each other.

Chapter III: Sweet Dating

Tonight, she was wearing a white lace skirt, and the deeper V -neck made her mysterious and sexy.Wang Yang confessed at first sight.

In the nearby bar, they leaned on the parking motorcycles and slowly enjoyed the passion of wine and her.The H series has different scenes and characters, each of which is perfectly expression.

Chapter 4: Sexy office workers

The diversity of H series underwear not only makes the couple’s life more colorful, but also allows office workers to welcome a busy and enthusiastic day in their work!A lady’s suit with a simple and cool H collective curve inside can make you full of confidence and sexy in the workplace.And sexy pajamas can make you better release your tight emotions and easily enter the sweet dream.

Fifth: Quota Game

For couples who are in love for a long time, sexual life may become dull.It’s time for a sex game!Choose a sexy underwear suit or different underwear lace, change different scenes and roles, imagine your new identity and private space, and fully enjoy this stage of career.

Chapter 6: Luxury Style


The sharp and seductive, deep and unique H -shaped suit, with its fancy texture and complex design, wholesale a luxurious taste for passionate life.Simple bras, charming tops, and unique oblique cuts, designers who are used to create different styles can often launch new luxury styles.

Chapter VII: Nude Character

We wandered between nude and heavy, or beating between black and white.The Interesting underwear of the H series has a new possibility of stitching, lace and transparent, and appreciate all your style of leaving white, suggesting unlimited lychee.

Chapter 8: Show self -confidence

Whether you are beautiful, black, narcissistic or hesitant, all the sexy underwear encourages you to show your true self. At the same time, you will also teach you to open your heart and open your body to caressing.No matter what you look like, the H series makes you a real self.


Love is not a piece of crystal that is hard to fold, but we need to spend our hearts and time to sharpen.The H series erotic underwear can not only show us the best ourselves, but also really strengthen our determination and the person in the eyes of our eyes.Let us continue to learn new knowledge and continue to enjoy the best sexual life.