I hate wearing sexy underwear

The first paragraph: It is uncomfortable to wear sexy underwear

As a woman, I have always been educated to wear fun underwear, thinking that this is a more sexy way for me.However, every time I put on them, I always feel very uncomfortable.Why is this?

Section 2: Tightness

Interest underwear is usually tight, and it needs to be close to the body.This tight feeling made me feel very unnatural and made me difficult to breathe.In my eyes, this feeling is very similar to the feeling of wearing a body -shaping suit.

The third paragraph: different wear feelings

When wearing a sexy underwear, it feels like wearing another clothes.Although this feeling is a bit fresh, it makes me feel very uncomfortable.I prefer to wear ordinary underwear because they are closer to nature and more comfortable.

Paragraph 4: Not suitable for daily life

Sex underwear is usually considered a special underwear, suitable for special occasions.But for me, I don’t know how to wear them in daily life, because I can’t accept this unnatural feeling.

Fifth paragraph: Different figures are suitable for different sexy underwear

In addition to uncomfortable, I also found that erotic underwear is not suitable for all figures.Some underwear may look sexy, but after putting it on, it makes people look very bulky.For some women with slender figures, sexy underwear may make them look very slim.

Section 6: Compress the breasts

Sex underwear is usually tight, which may compress the breast.When wearing them, my chest always feels very tight, which is not a good thing for long -term wearing.

Seventh paragraph: sleep is inconvenient

I can’t understand why some women like to sleep in sexy underwear.For me, this is a very inconvenient thing.Sex underwear may limit my movements, causing me not to sleep comfortably.

Eighth paragraph: Not everyone is willing to wear sexy underwear

Wearing sex underwear is a personal choice.For me, I can’t accept that unnatural feeling.Although those sexy underwear may look sexy, I am more willing to wear ordinary underwear to live.

Section 9: End

Following strengths and avoiding weaknesses, women should choose underwear suitable for their bodies.Whether it is sexy underwear or ordinary underwear, we should first consider comfort and practicality, rather than just pursuing sexy.

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