Husband and wife are embarrassed to wear sexy underwear

Why are husband and wife embarrassed to wear sexy underwear?

In foreign countries, wearing erotic underwear is already a very popular behavior, but in China, there are still some people’s concepts of sexy underwear.Especially between husband and wife, there are many people who are embarrassed to wear sexy underwear.So what are the reasons behind this phenomenon?

Tradition and progress of sexual concept

On the one hand, traditional sexual concepts still exist, and many people think that sex is a very personal thing and should not be exposed in public.On the other hand, although society is developing forward, many people still stay at a conservative level in the tradition of sexual concepts.Therefore, the husband and wife are embarrassed to wear sexy underwear is influenced by this traditional concept.

Effect of cultural differences

The cultural background of different countries and regions also has a difference in acceptance of sexy underwear.In some Western countries, sexy underwear has been popularized in all aspects of life, and in China, sexy underwear is still regarded as an indescribable thing.Therefore, even if the husband and wife want to wear sexy underwear, they will be subject to pressure and restraint from cultural differences.

Questions of the positioning of sexy underwear brands

Analyzing the positioning of domestic sex lingerie brands, many brands do not pay attention to the design and style of the product, but more focus on the sales nature and product description.This approach is difficult to attract the attention of couples consumer groups.At the same time, there are different pricey underwear products on the market. Many people feel too expensive and think they do not need to buy.

Issues of confidence and self -cognition

In addition to the pressure of the external environment, the plan to wear sexy underwear between husband and wife may also be affected by its own confidence and self -awareness.Some women may think that they are poor and embarrassed to wear sexy underwear.Or, some men think that wearing sexy underwear is a kind of disrespect in gender, so this suggestion will not be made.

Challenge of traditional concepts

With the advancement of the times, new things that emerge constantly emerging challenged traditional concepts.Husbands and wives are no exception.Wearing a sexy underwear may be a novel and exciting thing.When the husband and wife get along, an interesting attempt is here, maybe it can make your heart close.

Design classification of sexy underwear

Fun underwear can be classified according to design, which can generally be divided into adult underwear, sexy underwear, Lolita/student clothing, role -playing, SM and other styles.Different erotic underwear can satisfy different sexual fantasy and taste, and gradually get consumer recognition.

The quality assurance of sexy underwear

The quality of sexy underwear is one of the key factors that determine whether users can accept.Some brands have hidden safety and hygiene hazards in the manufacturing process. If such sex underwear is used, it will cause unnecessary physical health problems.Therefore, when users choose sexy underwear, the problem of quality guarantee is very important.

The benefits of husband and wife wearing fun underwear

Interest underwear can not only meet a certain sexual needs between husbands and wives, but more importantly, it can enhance the intimacy and trust of the relationship between husband and wife.Between husband and wife, to enhance emotions in some novel and interesting ways, it can better promote the resonance between husband and wife.

How to solve the problem of being embarrassed to wear sexy underwear?

Solving the problem of being embarrassed to wear sexy underwear, you need to start from the following aspects:

The traditional thinking mode left by the tradition of changing the concept of sex;

Making couples aware of sex is a wonderful thing, to accept their bodies;

Select some simple, comfortable and breathable sexy lingerie;

By sharing sexual fantasy and taste, let each other understand and respect each other’s needs;

Husbands and wives need to communicate with publicly to increase the interaction and communication between husband and wife.

in conclusion

The problem of wearing sexy underwear between husband and wife is a very common phenomenon in modern society.Since it has become a common topic of everyone, it is actually very normal.We should not bind ourselves because of traditional ideas, and bravely try and explore.Through erotic underwear, couples can enhance feelings, make life more interesting, and make couples getting along better.

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