How many husbands and wives are playing with sexy underwear

How many husbands and wives are playing with sexy underwear

The special underwear category of sexy underwear is no longer a kind of functional underwear that keeps warm, shame or comfortable, but presents a sexy, tempting and fun.Putting on sexy underwear can enhance the emotional communication, interaction and tacit understanding of husband and wife, and make sexual life more colorful.So, how many husbands and wives will play in sex underwear?Next, let’s study it.

1. The popularity of the sex underwear market

It is said that the sexy underwear market has become more and more prosperous.We can see different brands and styles of sexy underwear different from major shopping platforms.Among them, there are some high -priced tide brand sexy lingerie, as well as cheap sexy underwear suitable for mass consumption.It can be seen that the popularity of the sexy underwear market is getting higher and higher.

2. The importance of husband and wife emotional communication

The relationship between husband and wife must be healthy, not alone, but emotional communication, interaction and understanding.The appearance of sexy underwear is to make the sexual life between husband and wife more emotional and interest.Compared with the rude, obscenity, and boring sex life, more people expect that the sexual life between husband and wife is warm, romantic and interesting. This requires both husband and wife to accept each other with an open mind and try every interesting possibility.

3. The proportion of husband and wife wearing sexy underwear

According to foreign media surveys, the ratio of sexy underwear is about 45%-55%.Among them, in the "slow and slow" European countries, oriental countries such as the United States and Japan.Studies have shown that women in sexy underwear are more likely to get orgasm, and they are more willing to try some different sexual postures and role -playing.The wearing of sexy underwear makes women feel more attractive and charming, which improves their lust in sex.

4. The fun underwear is mostly "three -point" as the main

Most of the sexy underwear is three -point, that is, it consists of upper, lower underwear and T -shaped pants.This sexy underwear style involves the sexy elements of the human body, which is completely different from traditional underwear.When the husband and wife put on such a sexy underwear, they will deliberately interest themselves and enhance the fun of sexual life.

5. Selection and matching of sexy underwear

Although people’s perception of sexy underwear has gradually evolved, many people have concerns about choosing underwear.In fact, choosing sexy underwear needs to consider your own shape, personality and other factors in order to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.Between husband and wife, you can also choose the matching of sexy underwear, such as with various stockings, leather boots and other accessories to make the body curve more attractive.

6. Sex underwear can rich sexual life

Interest underwear can enrich sex, so that the interaction between husband and wife is more diverse, and it is very suitable for newcomers who have just entered the marriage hall.Putting on a sexy underwear, if you match some music you like, or even a soft candlelight dinner, it will make sex life more romantic and bold the world.

7. The woman who loves sexy underwear has a better experience of sexual sex.

Women who love sexy underwear are easier to experience climax in sex, such as "abnormal girls" in Japanese culture.They often have a relatively active attitude in sex, and are more likely to adapt to the role conversion and equality of sexual status between husband and wife.

8. Sex underwear can meet emotional needs

In general, people’s demand for sexy underwear is increasing, and more and more couples try to use sexy underwear to enrich their sex, and at the same time meet emotional needs.No experience is not a word. As long as you try it, you can find new interests in sexual life.Therefore, you may wish to try, find a sexy underwear suitable for your partner, and feel the unique charm and emotional temperature together.

Try youthful to go long -term.Interesting sexual life constantly adjusts yourself, learn to enrich yourself, and keep progressing is one of the roots of improving the happiness of husband and wife.

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