Gangbel with beads with beads sex underwear


The mussels have been welcomed by women since the emergence of beads. It can not only bring you more sexy and self -confidence, but also increase the atmosphere of interest and romance.However, there are many types and styles of it. How can you choose to meet your needs?This article will introduce you to several classic mussels with beads and buying advice to help you choose the style that suits you.

Sexy embroidery type

This sexy underwear is black as the main color, with bright silk edges and embroidered mussel shell patterns, classic and beautiful.Its advantages are that the tight design can make the body more curved and beautiful, and the mussel beads on the chest can increase the stimulus of visual and touch.If you want more sexy and self -confidence, this sexy underwear is definitely a good choice.

Sweet lotus leaf type

This sexy underwear is based on white, with ruffled edges and mussel beads, creating a gentle and lovely atmosphere.Its design is simple but gorgeous, suitable for those women who like fresh and sweet style.Similarly, the mussel beads on the chest are also a bonus point, which can make you more charming.

Retro lace

This sexy underwear is based on lace -based design elements, with exquisite mussel bead decoration, showing an elegant and mysterious retro atmosphere.It is characterized by fine design, which can not only create an elegant feeling, but its mesh lace design adds a sexy atmosphere.If you want to try a sexy underwear that is different from usual, this choice can definitely meet your needs.

Charming laid

This sexy underwear is mainly designed with black lace, and it is decorated with hot -melt craft mussel beads, showing a plump and charming visual effect.It is characterized by high elastic material, which can fully wrap the body after putting it on, and visually increase the beauty of the body.In addition, it also has a low bra design, which can highlight the curve beauty of the chest.Choosing it is definitely a great test.


When choosing a mussel with beaded underwear, you should give priority to your own needs, such as your preferences and physical factor.Different erotic underwear type colors and styles are very different.Secondly, the seasonal factors should be considered, and a moderate comfortable and breathable material should be selected to ensure that it will not adapt to the body.There are brands and prices, and the prices of different brands of underwear will be different.However, in general, when buying sexy underwear, the most important thing is your preferences and wearing effects.

Maintenance measure

Like other underwear, sexy underwear is required for professional maintenance, including water washing, cleaning, drying, and so on.However, due to the large limit of the style and fabric of sexy underwear, it is best to reduce the number of machine wash, especially for the style of decorative mussel beads, so as not to destroy the appearance.It is recommended to wash with cold water hands and avoid friction. When drying, be careful not to directly expose to the sun to avoid fading and deformation.


The mussels with beads with beads are an important tool for women to increase sexy and confident. Its variety and style have a wide range, each with its unique beauty and charm.When choosing and buying, you need to consider a series of factors such as your own needs, seasons, brands and prices, and proper maintenance in order to ensure that it takes for a long time.