Funeral underwear experiencer self -prosecution

Funeral underwear experiencer self -prosecution

I. Introduction

Interesting underwear experiencer, this profession sounds a bit mysterious and seductive.Many people may be curious, what do the sexy underwear experiencer do?Do I need to have extremely high professional knowledge?Do you encounter embarrassing things at work?Today, let’s listen to the confession of a sexy underwear experiencer.

Second, work content

The main task of sexy underwear experienceists is to test, evaluate and recommend various sexy underwear, including beauty sexy underwear, sexy sexy lingerie, adult erotic underwear, European and American sexy underwear, etc.They need to understand various types of sexy underwear, and can quickly find the appropriate product to recommend it according to different customer needs.

Third, professional knowledge

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Interesting underwear experienceists need to have certain professional knowledge, such as understanding the breathability, elasticity and comfort of different materials, and the design and characteristics of different styles.In addition, they also need to understand the working principles and usage methods of high -level sex products such as vibration function in order to provide customers with proper use suggestions.

Fourth, embarrassing things

Of course, in the work, the erotic underwear experiencer will inevitably encounter some embarrassing situations, such as explaining to customers to explain some privacy issues, and providing customers with underwear trials to pay attention to.However, under professional training and rich work experience, most sexy underwear experienceists can skillfully deal with these problems.

5. Customer needs

As a sexy underwear experiencer, they need to pay attention to customer needs at all times. According to factors such as the gender, age, and marriage status of customers, appropriate products are recommended.When talking to customers, they need to listen to customer feedback and understand customer preferences and needs in order to provide better services and product recommendations.

6. Recommended products

When recommending sexy underwear, the sexy underwear experiencer needs to recommend appropriate products according to the needs of customers.For example, for some customers with stable marriage status, they can recommend some gentle products; for some open customers, they can consider some vibrations and vibration products.

Seven, confidential work

As a person who is engaged in this profession, sexy underwear experienceists need to keep the confidentiality of customer information at all times.When communicating with customers, they need to strictly abide by the confidentiality agreement to ensure that the privacy of customers is protected.

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8. Professional prospects

With the more openness and tolerance of sex culture in society, the demand for the market for sex products is also growing.Therefore, it is foreseeable that the professional prospects of the sex underwear experienceist will become more and more broad.Although engaging in this profession requires certain professional skills and qualities, people who are interested in this are still emerging.

Nine, summarize

As a sexy underwear experiencer, you need professional knowledge and keen observation, and can quickly find products that customers need.At the same time, it should be sensitive and concerned about customer needs to ensure the quality of customer experience.Although some difficulties and embarrassment may be encountered at work, a good sexy underwear experienceist will be professional and technically strong to provide customers with better services.