Female sexual love underwear size

Female sexual love underwear size

Background introduction

Female sexual love underwear size is a new market demand, because traditional sexy underwear is not suitable for more plump women.Large sexual feelings are now sought after by more and more women. This article will introduce the type and matching method of women’s sexual love underwear.

Type introduction

The type of female sexy underwear is the type of vest, waist, two -piece and three -piece set.These styles are targeted at different types of figures to meet the needs of large women.


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For fat body women, loose and comfortable waist -type sexy underwear is a good choice; for women with flat figures, vest -style sexy underwear can show the charm of the chest well; for women of equal body shape, it is recommended to choose to bring withThere are two sets of sexual or lace edges or three sets of sexy underwear.

color match

Black is a classic color in sexy underwear, and for large size women, beige and flesh are also a good choice.In addition, white or nude colors can better set out the beauty of women, making people more imaginative of their sexy.

Material selection

For large -size women, better material choices should be lighter and soft fabrics, such as lace or soft cotton materials.This material has good warmth, comfort and breathability, and is also more suitable for increasing women.

Underwear adhesion

Underwear attachment is especially important for large size women.Underwear should be close to the body instead of tightening the body, but also ensure that underwear will not decline or curl.If the underwear is fixed in place, a large size woman can feel safe and confident.


For large -size women, the matching of sexy underwear should be based on improving self -confidence.Large -size women can choose stockings or high -heeled shoes with underwear, which will further enhance their sexy charm.



When buying sexual emotional and interesting underwear, it is recommended to choose a better quality merchant.At the same time, you should also pay attention to choosing underwear styles and skin tone suitable for your body.You should also try a few more when you buy it to get the best experience.

Brand recommendation

There are some brands of making large -size sexy underwear on the market, such as Curvy Couture and HIPS and CURVES.These brands provide rich large -size women’s underwear options, and also provide women with better comfort and sexy.


Large -size women should also have sexy choices.Choosing a suitable sexy underwear to show their charm will help them improve their confidence and create a more confident and beautiful image.