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Sexy underwear is a sexy dress of modern women. It originated in the United States in the 1960s. Since then, sexy underwear has quickly become popular around the world, becoming an indispensable fashion item for modern women.However, the name of sexy underwear often has different other names in different regions and cultural backgrounds. Let’s take a look at these aliases together.

1. "LINCERIE" in Europe and America

Europe and the Americas usually call sex underwear as Lyingerie, the nounization of the French "Linge" (that is, sheets, sheets), and evolved from this.The word was recorded by a female tulle underwear as early as the end of the 19th century.

2. Japan’s "ラ ン 本 リ ー"

Japan calls sexy underwear "ラ ン ジェ リ ー". This term is more elegant in Japan’s solemn cultural background.The word comes from French Lingerie. The Japanese pronounce the pronunciation of this word softer, and add the suffix of their own country to form such a new vocabulary.

3. China’s "Interesting Underwear"

In China, we call sexy underwear as sexy underwear.This name explains the emphasis on sexy underwear vividly and accurately -sexy and interesting.This name can be perfectly integrated when describing the charm of sexy underwear.

4. French "sous-vêTements"

French sexy underwear has a more complicated name- "Sous-VêTements", which means "lower clothing".This name is even more vague when implied the importance of sexy underwear.

5. "Intimo" in Italy

The Italians call the erotic underwear "intimo". The word in Italian literally means "private" or "intimate".Through this name, sexy underwear has become one of the very private accessories for women in Italy.

6. Brazil’s "Intimates"

Brazil’s sexy underwear is called "intimates".This name can be regarded as an equivalent word for "intimo" mentioned earlier, and also implies "private" and "intimate".

7. "Desrsous" in Germany

The Germans call the sexy underwear "Desrsous", which literally means "lower things".The word originated from French vocabulary, but in Germany, it represents any sexy underwear.

8. Portugal’s "Roupa Interior"

The Portuguese called "Roupa Interior", which means "underwear" or "private clothes".Although this word is not as delicate as the names in other areas, this does not hinder the accessories of sexy underwear in Portugal.

9. Russia’s "9"

In Russia, sexy underwear is called "бельё", which means "underwear". Although it seems simple to describe the sexy underwear in this name, the sexy information it emits is very obvious.

10. "Ropa Interior" in Latin America

The Spanish -language Latin American countries use "Ropa Interior" to describe sexy underwear. This name is literally translated means "underwear", but the sexy information transmitted behind it can be understood by Latin American women.

In different regions and cultural contexts, the names of sexy underwear are different, but in any case, they emphasize interest and sexy.The aim of sexy underwear is to open a new field of women’s confidence, fun and exploration, making their sensory experience richer and interesting.As an indispensable fashion item for modern women, the charm of sexy underwear has been widely spread and accepted globally.

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