Boys who don’t like sexy underwear

Boys who don't like sexy underwear

The reason why boys don’t like sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a clothing designed specifically for increasing interest and sex.However, many boys do not have a cold about sexy underwear, which may be because of the following reasons:

1. Different personal aesthetic concepts

The difference between boys and girls in the concept of aesthetics is relatively large. Some boys may feel that sexy underwear is too sexy and does not meet their aesthetic requirements.

2. Not used to wearing sexy underwear

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Sex underwear is generally tight, and some boys may feel that wearing is not comfortable and may affect their image and actions.

3. Shy or unconfident

Some boys may not like sexy underwear because they are shy or unconfident.They may feel that they are not suitable for sexy underwear, or they do not know if they are well -dressed.

4. It feels unre practical

Interest underwear is generally used to increase interest or sexual interest. However, some boys may think that the role of sexy underwear is not obvious, and it is not convenient to wear.

5. Family education issues

From a family perspective, some boys may grow up in a conservative family environment. They have a negative view and attitude towards sexy underwear, thinking that this clothing will destroy morality and family tradition.

6. High requirements for your body

Some boys are more picky about their own figure. They think that only good talents are suitable for wearing sexy underwear.However, this view is not necessarily correct, because sexy underwear is suitable for people of various figures and age.

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7. Economic consideration

Interest underwear is generally more expensive. Some boys may think that this kind of clothing is not worth buying a lot of money, and it is not practical to wear.

8. Lack of sexual cultural knowledge

Many boys lack their understanding or understanding of sexual knowledge. They may think that sexy underwear is only used to meet the possession of men and ignore women’s needs and desires.

in conclusion

Generally speaking, boys who do not like sexy underwear are mainly considered from the aspects of aesthetics, comfort, and self -confidence. They do not really really solve the advantages and uses of clothing of affectionate underwear.To change this concept, boys need to increase their understanding of sexy underwear and work hard to solve their own problems.