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The size of the chest has always been a sensitive topic in women. Some girls may dislike their chests too small, but when choosing sexy underwear, the appropriate style and size are still very important.The following is a professional suggestion, which can help small girls choose the sexy underwear that suits them best.

1. Choose underwear cups that can improve the chest

It is very important to choose a underwear cup that can improve the chest.This can help increase the size and fullness of breasts, while improving the body proportion.Most small breasts should choose bras with pads, thickening, and gathering effects.This kind of bra can achieve the effect of "filling" and produce a visual fullness.

2. Find underwear design with stretching effects

For girls with small breasts, underwear styles with stretching effects are very suitable.The stretching effect means that the underwear can be close to the body, making the body line more natural and smooth.For girls with small breasts, this underwear can help make the chest look fuller and round.

3. Choose the right corset style

Corset is a kind of underwear based on the outline of the chest and a very practical underwear.Especially for girls with small breasts, the right corset can make the breasts look fuller.There are various styles such as chest stickers, chest viscosity, and underwear types. Women can choose their favorite style as needed.

4. Choose a V -shaped underwear style

Choosing a V -type underwear can help the chest look more upright.This style can make the chest rise visually, which can help increase the height of the chest for girls with small breasts.In contrast, the U -shaped chest will sink the chest visually.

5. Choose the right color and material

For girls with small breasts, choosing some light -colored and bright -colored sexy underwear is also a very good choice.This color makes the body look more petite and cute.In addition, for the choice of fabrics, it is best to choose a softer, comfortable and fitted material to prevent uncomfortable wear.

6. To choose moderate accessories

In order to make the overall sex underwear look more in line with aesthetics, it is important to choose the right accessories.For girls with small breasts, you need to choose an appropriate amount of jewelry, so as not to increase the effect of decentralized sight, making the chest look smaller.Simple matching small accessories is the right choice.

7. Size suitable for you

For girls with small breasts, it is important to choose a correct underwear SIZE.Underwear with inappropriate size will make the breasts look smaller visually.You should not choose a cup that is too large or too small, but you should choose a underwear size that suits you.This can achieve the best full effect.

8. Choose the right style

Different types of sexy underwear will have different styles.For example, for girls with small breasts, choosing a chest air and a bustling underwear style is a good choice.Sleeveless, off -shoulder, low -necked underwear can highlight the sexy and charm of women.

9. Pay attention to the tightness of the underwear

Selected erotic underwear also needs to pay attention to their tightness.For girls with small breasts, an excessive underwear will make the chest fall, and choosing a loose underwear may make the breasts look smaller, so you need to choose the proper loosening underwear.

10. Choose the right style of the right needs

Of course, you need to choose the right sexy underwear.For example, you need to choose a special sports underwear during exercise or fitness, which will be more comfortable and good for health.In special occasions, for example, when some dynamic parties need to be generous and sexy, and sexy underwear suitable for the party atmosphere needs to be selected.

Viewpoint: For small girls, choosing the right sexy underwear is very important.When choosing, you should pay attention to the underwear cups, underwear materials, and underwear styles.Choosing the right sexy underwear can make girls feel confident, sexy and sexy in wearing.

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