Boyfriend buys sexy underwear different places

Boyfriend buys sexy underwear different places

The boyfriend in the distance wanted to give you a surprise, so he decided to buy you a sexy underwear as a gift.However, the process of buying sexy underwear in different places is full of challenges and difficulties.How to make this surprise a perfect gift?Here are some useful suggestions.

1. Know your figure

It is important to understand your body before buying any underwear.Let your boyfriend know your size, including the accurate size of the chest and waist.This is very important, because sexy underwear is usually more intimate than standard underwear.Tell him your body characteristics is also very important, such as your height and body shape.

2. Know your preference

Knowing your preference is the key.There are various styles and types of products in the sexy underwear market, including sexy, cute, majestic, romantic and so on.It is important to let your boyfriend know which style of underwear you like.If he cannot be sure, you can determine through the clothes you usually wear or the website you often browse.

3. Confirm the purchase address

It is also important to determine your boyfriend’s purchase of underwear and suitable stores.Make sure that the store is reliable, and plan to deliver the underwear to ensure that it is delivered at the specified date.It is also necessary to determine the fees and freight required when buying a boyfriend to avoid any unnecessary costs or costs.

4. Explore knowledge

For those who are unfamiliar with sexy underwear, it is important to understand the styles and brands that are popular in the current market.Understanding a variety of colors and textures can help your boyfriend choose the most suitable underwear for your boyfriend.In addition, it can help your boyfriend to determine which brand is authoritative and understand which brands are more popular in the field of interest.

5. Make sure the size is matched with the body

It is very important to understand the size and body matching before confirming the purchase.If your underwear is inaccurate, then you may feel uncomfortable or unable to wear.For example, if it is too loose, it may lack support, and if it is too tight, it may cause discomfort or even pain.

6. Reference evaluation

After you determine the brand and type, it is also important to understand what others think of them.There are often customers commenting on items in life online.According to the experience and suggestions of other customers, you can help your boyfriend decide whether it is worth buying a specific type of sexy underwear.

7. Understand the after -sales service of the store

Before buying underwear, learn about the after -sales service and warranty policy of the store.Some stores may provide better after -sales services, and they can adjust any adjustments for free or low prices.On the other hand, after -sales service may be completely lacking, so ensure the existence and content of the service before purchasing.

8. Details determine success or failure

Finally, buy a perfect sexy underwear, the details determine the success or failure.Perfect underwear in line with your body, and each detail is easy to look more sophisticated, exquisite and quality, such as color, lace and other design elements.


When buying sexy underwear in different places, it is the key to ensure that details are considering any decision.By following the above suggestions, you can ensure that your "surprise gift" is not only the correct size and style, but also very comfortable and beautiful.At the same time, this will also help ensure that you have a happy and closer love relationship with your boyfriend.

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