Boyfriend browse records sexy underwear

Boyfriend browse records sexy underwear

Boyfriend browse records sexy underwear

A sexual underwear appeared in the boyfriend’s browsing record. What should I do as a girlfriend?Here are some solutions and suggestions.

1. Don’t think too much

It is normal for men to look at the fun underwear and don’t interpret it too much.Maybe just because of curiosity or finding gifts for you.

2. Communication

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If you care, you can try to talk to your boyfriend.Ask if he wants to buy or buy a sexy underwear for you, you can also take the opportunity to understand his views and expectations for sex.

3. Buy

Surprising my boyfriend and buying a sexy underwear directly for him.You can also buy some sex products to increase sexual fun.

4. Don’t like to say

If you really don’t like your boyfriend to buy sexy underwear, you can say it directly.But pay attention to the way and tone, don’t let him feel that you are opposed or criticized.

5. Consider your attitude

If you have a disgusted or shy attitude towards erotic underwear, you can consider adjusting your ideas.Although some sexy underwear looks more exposed, it may make you feel more confident and sexy after you wear it.

6. Observe whether there are other problems

There may be other problems with my boyfriend’s frequent views of sexy underwear, such as sexual desire or dissatisfaction with you.You can understand the real reasons through communication and exchanges.


7. Protecting privacy

If your boyfriend’s computer or mobile phone is personal privacy, don’t view it privately.This will destroy each other’s trust and privacy.

8. Explore more choices

If you find that your boyfriend prefers a certain style of sexy underwear, you can explore more choices.Try different styles, materials and colors, or go shopping together, and choose sexy underwear suitable for you.

9. Don’t be too stressful

Don’t feel that you have to buy sexy underwear with your boyfriend.The richness of sexual life requires the joint efforts and desires of two people, not unilateral requirements and pursuit.

10. Design yourself

If you have high imagination and creativity, you can also consider designing or making a sexy underwear to achieve more personalized and unique effects.

in conclusion

There is a sexy underwear in the boyfriend’s browsing record. This problem does not need to be too nervous.The most important thing is to maintain good communication and trust, as well as the openness and positive attitude towards sexual life.