A movie in a sexy underwear shop

A movie in a sexy underwear shop

Opening remark

Michael broke into the sex underwear shop with frowns, and he needed to find actresses wearing sexy underwear for a new movie to shoot the scene.The atmosphere in the store is gorgeous, and the smell is through the smell of perfume and the taste of restraint clothes.This is a place with sexy and opposite sex.

Japanese -style kimono -style sexy underwear

Michael walked in front of a fair girl, and she was wearing a Japanese -style -style sexy underwear with some delicate patterns.Michael thinks this girl is very suitable. This wearing a strong Japanese taste is reminiscent of that ancient times.

Flash style sexy underwear

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There is also a very strange sexy underwear in this shop called pop -up sexy underwear.Michael saw a flash of flashing underwear wearing a charming light on a hanger, which made his eyes bright.He knows that this is the true sexy and attractive thing he is pursuing.

All -human rope restraint equipment

Standing at this sexy underwear shop, you see more than all kinds of sexy underwear.On a corner of the corner, there is a equipment that can only be stitched with ropes and needles, which is called the whole human rope restraint equipment.This equipment can highlight the curve and lines of women’s bodies, making muscle lines more prominent.

Belly -style sexy underwear

Michael saw a stylish and sexy belly -style sexy underwear. It exudes a delicious aroma on the waist, not only showing women’s curves and charm, but also showing a strong exotic atmosphere.He loves this very sexy style, and feels that it can be used to express the perfect atmosphere of the new movie.

Corset style sexy underwear

On a hanger, there is a high -end corset -style sexy underwear.The top of the perspective bra is embellished with some sequins and lace, which has the salivating softness and comfort. Its outline is like a woman’s perfect body and is committed to handling the scenes in the movie.Michael thought it could be the most attractive element in the movie.

Texture silk restraint

In a small corner of this sexy underwear shop, there is a unique texture silk restraint.She can just show women’s softness and elegance, coupled with silk luster and soft restraint, which makes it a particularly attractive product.


Kessy sexy underwear

Seeing this sexy underwear shop, Michael also has a unique cover -style sexy underwear for various scenes, which can highlight the sexy and charm of women, and even show different expressions and emotions.Michael thinks that this kind of sexy underwear can be well integrated into the movie scene, making the scene more fit the characteristics of the movie character.

Charm tight pants sex underwear

A charming tight pants sexy underwear hanging on a wall reveals deep temptation and charm.There are too many surprises in this shop. Each erotic underwear is full of beautiful textures and complex designs, which fully shows women’s physical charm and elegance and sexy.

Black perspective sexy underwear

One of the main styles in the store is the black perspective sexy underwear.Its black tone not only makes underwear more tempting and mysterious, but also helps women show their curves and lines.For Michael, this is an essential exquisite element in a movie.


The entire sexy underwear shop shows fashion, sexy and elegant.Michael found that these sexy underwear were made very delicate. These wearing slim underwear allowed the actresses in the movie to meet the needs of bold and temptation.In this sexy underwear shop, people can see the combination of lifelike art and sexy. This feature can be well integrated into the movie and become a bolder color panel.