91 Little Girlfriend’s Funny Underwear New Buy

Know your girlfriend preference

If your girlfriend is an underwear hairdressing friend, giving her a set of sexy erotic underwear is a good gift choice.But before buying, you need to understand her preferences and size.

Choose the right style

Different women have different figures and preferences, so you need to choose a style suitable for your girlfriend.If she likes sexy styles, you can choose sexy styles such as lace, texture and hollow.

Buy the right size

You need to know her size because a comfortable underwear is very important for women.If you are not sure of the size, you can measure her size when she sleeps or ask her the size of her recent buying underwear.

Consider the matching of color and style

In addition to styles and sizes, you also need to consider the matching of color and style.If your girlfriend likes bright colors, you can choose warm tones such as red and purple; if you like calm colors, you can choose black and white.

Compared with the sexy underwear of different brands

Before buying sexy underwear, you need to understand the characteristics of different brands of underwear.Each brand has its own design concept and function. You need to choose the most suitable brand according to your girlfriend’s needs.

Buy suitable occasions

Interest underwear can be used on different occasions, such as rest at night, Valentine’s Day, Night couple activities, etc.So you need to choose suitable sexy underwear for different occasions.

Pay attention to the combination of basic styles

Fundamental erotic underwear is also essential, such as flat -mouth big chest bags, rope beam chests, opening pantyhose, conjoined sexy underwear.You can buy basic styles for your girlfriend to prepare from time to time.

Choose high -quality fabrics

With good fabrics, girlfriends can feel a high -quality dressing experience.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to quality.It is best to choose breathable, soft, comfortable and personal fabrics.

Nursing erotic underwear

Sex underwear requires special care.You need to know which items can be used with sexy underwear, such as stockings detergent, how to clean up detail elements such as lace and decoration to extend the service life of sexy underwear.


You need to pay attention to your girlfriend’s preferences and sizes in buying sexy underwear, and choose suitable styles, colors and brands.You also need to choose the right sexy underwear for different occasions, and pay attention to the combination of basic styles and high -quality fabrics.Through reasonable care of sexy underwear, the service life can be extended.

You need to understand the relevant knowledge before buying a sexy underwear so that you can better choose the suitable underwear.In the end, only by carefully choosing and reasonable care can we bring a more comfortable and beautiful dressing experience to my girlfriend.

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