2017 Guangzhou Super Interest Underwear Show

2017 Guangzhou Super Interest Underwear Show


In recent years, China’s interesting industry has shown a well -spraying growth, becoming a market with great development potential.In this market, the market proportion of sexy underwear cannot be underestimated.

Super show:

The 2017 Guangzhou Super Interest Underwear Show was held as scheduled.Brands from all over the world have selected Guangzhou, a dynamic and fashionable city, and brought the latest design and technology to the audience and industry.

Sexy and popular styles:

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Sexy and popular styles are still mainstream, from lace to restraint, from monochrome to printing, each displayed underwear exudes different atmosphere and atmosphere, especially those restrained underwear designed with complex ropes, which attracts it.Less attention.

The development of emerging markets:

In the 2017 sexy underwear show, the sexy underwear in the mass market has also begun to appear. These designs are more practical, comfortable, and easy to wear, catering to the needs of many consumers.Designers also began to pay attention to the choice of advertising employment, and gradually changed from traditional sexy models to European and American ladies and mature women.

Exquisite details:

In terms of details, the design of sexy underwear pays more attention to the perfectness and meticulous stitching of cutting. At the same time, more popular elements and creativity are added, especially animal patterns and abstract texture, which has attracted a lot of attention.

Technical upgrade:

In recent years, the manufacturing technology of sexy underwear has also been improved. It has adopted more unique design and techniques to ensure the overall comfort and breathability of the underwear.The use of improved organic fibers and fast -drying fabrics.

Go to the general public:

In recent years, the development trend of erotic underwear has shown that in the mentality of consumers’ sexual openness, sexy underwear will continue to advance to the general public, and continuously update the design and styles, while paying attention to the quality of customer experience, craftsmanship and materials.


The trend of change:

Judging from the current development trend of the sexy underwear market, more changes in the materials, styles, and design of sexy underwear, especially the more and more popular wearable devices, bring more new new ones to the sexy underwear market.Development opportunities.And this will require erotic underwear companies to continuously improve their technical level and brand image and maintain their industry leadership.

Future development prospects:

In short, the sexy underwear market still has great development potential. In the future, with the positive attitude of more consumers to sexual openness, the sexy underwear market will continue to innovate and innovate in style, materials, design, quality and new formsupgrade.


The development trend of the sexy underwear market shows that sexy underwear will continue to advance to the general public to enrich the lives of consumers.And this will require underwear companies to continuously improve their technical level and quality to meet the needs of increasingly picky consumers in order to get more development opportunities in the market.