Will Taobao be known if you buy sexy underwear?

Will Taobao be known if you buy fun underwear?

Now, with the progress of society and people’s opening up, many people have tried to buy sexy lingerie, and Taobao, as China’s largest e -commerce platform, is also the first place for many people to buy sexy underwear.However, many people are still worried that buying sexy underwear will be known.So, will Taobao buy a fun underwear?Below we will explore this issue.

Why do people worry about it?

First of all, people are worried that Taobao sellers will leak personal information, causing personal privacy to be leaked.Secondly, because sexy underwear is a sexual product, people think that if they are known by family members or others, they will lose their face or be blamed.In the end, people are also worried that the courier or family members will know the content when receiving the package.

Will Taobao sellers leak personal information?

As a large e -commerce platform, Taobao has a strict privacy protection system, and sellers must not leak user personal information.If the seller leaks personal information, users can complain to Taobao customer service, and Taobao will give corresponding punishments.

How to avoid being known by family members or others?

First of all, you can choose to choose anonymous delivery when buying, and tell the courier to put the parcel in the specified position.Secondly, you can set the delivery address to the address of the company or friends when purchasing, so that there will be no problems even if it is received.Finally, you can deal with it in time after receiving the package, put underwear into a hidden place to avoid being seen by family members.

Will the courier or family members know the content in the package?

The contents of the package are generally written in the name of the product, and Taobao sellers usually write the name of the product extremely vaguely to avoid being known as a sexual product.In addition, when you receive the package, you can also choose not to open the package at the scene to avoid being seen by family members.

How to choose a safe and reliable seller?

You can choose a safe and reliable seller through Taobao’s shopping evaluation system. The positive evaluation from other users can prove that the seller’s reputation is trustworthy.In addition, it is also a guarantee for choosing timely evaluation after receiving the goods.

How to choose the right sexy underwear?

Choosing the right sexy underwear should be based on your body and preferences, instead of blindly pursuing the trend or the choice of other people.You can choose according to the material, style, size and price of underwear.

How to maintain sexy underwear?

Sex underwear requires special maintenance, that is, warm water hand washing, to avoid using cleaning agents such as washing machines or bleaching water to avoid direct sunlight, so as not to affect the restraint of underwear.

How to avoid adverse effects on the skin?

First of all, you should choose sexy underwear that is breathable, comfortable, soft, and difficult to cause allergies.In addition, we should avoid long -term wear, which can be taken off during high -intensity activities such as exercise or hiking.

Conclusion: Taobao will not be known to buy sexy underwear

In general, as long as you follow the shopping rules of the Taobao platform, choose the right seller and the right underwear for appropriate maintenance, and you will not be known to buy sexy underwear.At the same time, it is necessary to treat sex and love rationally, and put health and happiness first.

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