Will my husband get angry if you wear sexy underwear?

1. Wearing a sexy underwear is a way to express love

Interest underwear is a special clothing. It is different from ordinary underwear or pajamas. It can make people feel special and even a little strange.For husbands and wives, wearing sex underwear is a way to show love, which can bring freshness and happiness.And if your husband will be angry because of this, he does not seem to understand this meaning, or his personality is more conservative.

2. Wearing sexy underwear requires the intention of both parties

Before choosing to wear a sexy underwear, it is best to obtain each other’s consent.The two sides need to communicate full communication. If one of them is unwilling, then do not force each other.After all, marriage and love should not be based on mutual persecution and compromise.

3. You need to consider the occasion and time to wear sex underwear

Interest underwear is not suitable for all occasions and time.If you intend to spend a romantic night at home, then you are more suitable to wear them.But if you are going to participate in public places or vacations with your family, you need to consider thoughtful.Otherwise, you may cause unnecessary embarrassment and trouble.

4. You need to consider each other’s preferences when wearing sexy underwear

Different people have different preferences for the style, color, material and style of sexy underwear.When choosing a sexy underwear, you must choose according to the other person’s preferences to achieve the best results.If you are not sure of the other person’s preference, you can pay more attention to the style of the other party, or conduct appropriate investigations.

5. Pay attention to comfort and health when wearing sexy underwear

Although sexy underwear is often sexy and gorgeous, it cannot ignore the requirements of comfort and health.Choose breathable, soft, comfortable, antibacterial fabrics and materials to ensure no allergies and discomfort.In addition, wearing sexy underwear should not be too frequent and too long, so as not to have adverse effects on the body.

6. You need to consider your own adaptability to wear sexy underwear

Although sexy underwear has a good promotion effect on love, not everyone is suitable for wearing such clothing.If you have not enough confidence or body, temperament, etc. are not suitable for wearing sexy underwear, then don’t force yourself.Otherwise, you may make yourself feel uncomfortable and even restrained.

7. Self -appreciation and recognition of wearing sexy underwear

Wearing erotic underwear is not only to please each other, but more importantly, it is necessary to appreciate and recognize themselves.If you feel more sexy, confident and beautiful after wearing a sexy underwear, then you will bring a stronger visual impact and psychological satisfaction to the other party.Of course, this self -appreciation and recognition is not completely based on appearance and clothing, but more inner self -confidence and charm.

8. You need to buy the corresponding size when wearing a sexy underwear

Size is one of the key factors to buy sexy underwear.If the size is inappropriate, no matter how good the sexy lingerie is, it cannot show its effect.When buying sexy underwear, it is best to know the other party’s size, or try it on in a physical store to ensure that you can buy the appropriate size.

9. You need to match the appropriate accessories in sexy underwear

The match between clothes and accessories is crucial, and sexy underwear is no exception.Appropriate accessories can play the role of finishing touch, making the entire mix more perfect.However, to avoid too gorgeous and fancy jewelry, otherwise it will affect the effect of the entire sexy underwear.

10. The ultimate goal of wearing a sexy underwear is to generate freshness in sexual life

The ultimate purpose of sexy underwear is to promote sexual life between husband and wife, so that both sides can experience freshness and happiness.However, sexy underwear does not solve all problems, it just brings a new experience and opportunity.If your husband will be angry because of this, it means that there are other problems to be resolved.

in conclusion:

Wearing sex underwear is a way to show love and increase sexual life.When choosing to wear sexy underwear, you need to consider the other party’s wishes and preferences, time and occasions, comfort and health, self -appropriateness and self -appreciation and recognition.However, the ultimate goal is to promote sexual life and enhance the emotional connection between husband and wife.If your husband will be angry because of this, you need to communicate and solve it carefully.

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