Why is it so difficult to make sex underwear?


As a beautiful and comfortable clothing, the difficulty of making sex underwear is not low.Let ’s discuss why sexy underwear is so difficult to do.

The challenge to choose materials

The ingredients need to have the characteristics of mild, soft, luster, support, and damping effect on the skin.However, if the wrong material is selected, it may cause problems such as discontinuity, allergies, and stimulation.Therefore, choosing the right fabric and accessories is the first consideration of making sexy underwear.

Challenge of the combined design

The design of sexy underwear is very important. It is necessary to consider the beauty of the human body curve, and to withstand the strength of stretching and tightening.This is why you need to make many trials and constantly modify the details, fabrics and shoulder straps.

Strict hygiene standards

Underwear products involve personal hygiene, so the production of sexy underwear also needs to strictly abide by certain sanitary standards.In addition, the material of sexy underwear needs to be used properly and processing to ensure the safety and health of consumers.

Challenges that meet consumer needs

Sex underwear is a kind of sex products. When buying consumers, it is usually considered multiple factors such as comfort, sexy and aesthetics.Therefore, the design of sexy underwear needs to meet the needs of consumers, and at the same time, it is also difficult to take into account practicality and sexy. This comprehensive consideration is very difficult.

Challenge of production cost control

Compared with other underwear, the cost of sexy underwear is higher, because it needs to use higher quality fabrics and parts, and it is more difficult to make.Therefore, manufacturers need to take effective measures to control costs to avoid excessive production costs and cannot compete in the market.

Consider diversified needs

In addition, consumers usually have diverse demand for sexy underwear.Therefore, manufacturers need to consider different needs, such as size, style, color, etc.And this will also bring some challenges to the production of sexy underwear.

Improvement of technical difficulty

With the evolution of the times and the increase in consumer demand, the production technology of sexy underwear is also increasing.For example, some sexy underwear adds special functions, such as real simulation technology, sound, vibration, etc., which also increases the difficulty of making sex underwear.

Challenge of market risks

The risk of making sexy underwear is also worthy of attention.Due to market demand and changes in consumer preferences, the sales of sexy underwear are also risky.Therefore, manufacturers need to grasp market demand and make adjustments in a timely manner.

in conclusion

In summary, the production of sexy underwear is very difficult, which is why different prices and different quality sexy underwear appear in the market.For consumers, choosing a suitable sexy underwear requires both price and quality, as well as considering their own needs and comfort.

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