Where is the Shenzhen sex underwear show?


In recent years, the Shenzhen Fun Underwear Show has become a fashion and cultural phenomenon.Many people are interested in this kind of activity, but they can’t solve the place and time of love underwear show in Shenzhen.In this article, we will explore some venues in Shenzhen’s sexy lingerie show, so that you can better decide which site should be visited.

social media

When you search for the Shenzhen sex lingerie show, you will find some vibrant and enthusiastic accounts.They posted pictures and videos through social media (such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.) to promote the venue and time of the sexy lingerie show.Use these accounts to learn about the latest news of the Shenzhen sex lingerie show.


Many nightclubs in Shenzhen host a sexy underwear show, these nightclubs are usually open from 10 pm to 3 am.Together with the performance of the sexy lingerie show, there are often some DJ music performances, which increases the entertainment and fun of the entire performance.

shopping center

Some Shenzhen shopping malls such as the Da Meisha China Resources Vientiane often hold a sexy underwear show.Shopping centers are usually open during the day, and sexy underwear shows usually perform in the afternoon and evening.The shopping mall is a good choice, especially if you are suitable for children or you want to watch the sexy lingerie show during the day.

theme hotel

Some theme hotels in Shenzhen will regularly hold sex underwear shows.These venues are usually private, adding the mystery of the sexy lingerie show.However, these performances are usually targeted at hotel customers or need to be booked in advance.If you are interested in watching a sexy lingerie show in a theme hotel, it is best to book in advance.

Private club

Several private clubs in Shenzhen will hold sex underwear shows.These clubs usually need members to participate, and some clubs also accept non -member guests.Unlike the theme hotels, private clubs are more secretive and private, which is a good choice for audiences who protect personal privacy.

Comprehensive place

In addition to the above places, there are some comprehensive places, such as concert venues and cultural centers, and also organize sex underwear shows.These places usually release information and ticket booking information at a specific time.

Common audiences

For the first time to watch the sexy lingerie show, you may be confused about the following questions:

Question 1: What to wear?

Audiences participating in the sex lingerie show usually wear more casual clothes. Remember to wear a pair of comfortable shoes, because the sexy underwear show often needs to watch it.

Question 2: Can I take pictures?

It is usually not allowed to take pictures or videos at the sex underwear show, which is to protect the model’s privacy and copyright.

Question 3: How to buy tickets?

Tickets for buying sexy lingerie shows usually release pre -sale information a few weeks before the performance. You can learn more information through social media accounts.


In short, there are many places suitable for watching the sexy lingerie show in Shenzhen.Social media, nightclubs, shopping malls, theme hotels, private clubs and comprehensive places are all good choices.However, if you are the first time you go to watch the sexy underwear show, you must understand some common problems in order to better enjoy the complete viewing experience.

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