Where is the sexy underwear pearl?

What is sexy underwear pearl?

Sex underwear pearls or VB pearls (that is, vaginal ball) are spherical equipment made by medical silicone.The diameter of pearls is generally about 3.5 cm, and the colors include pink, purple, dark blue, and Tibetan green.

The role of sexy underwear pearls

Interesting underwear pearls mainly play two roles: 1. Improving vaginal muscle tension and enhancing vaginal firming; 2. Stimulate vaginal teasing and improve sexual pleasure.The pearl design inside the pearl allows the pearls to roll automatically during use, giving the vulvar and vaginal wall a rich stimulus feeling.

How to choose sexy underwear pearls?

Several factors need to be considered when choosing sexy underwear pearls.The first is the material, because it is used in the vagina, so it is necessary to choose a medical -grade silicone manufacturing to avoid stimulating or allergic reactions to the vagina.The second is the size. Different people have different vaginal ports, so choose the size that suits them.Finally, color and shape, you can choose according to personal preference.

Interesting underwear pearl cleaning and maintenance

Because sexy underwear pearls are equipment used in private parts, cleaning and maintenance are particularly important.You need to wash it with warm water and soap before use. After use, it needs to be rinsed with warm water, and then placed in a cool and dry place.At the same time, the position of the pearl is required regularly when used, so as not to change the pearl for too long.

How to use sexy underwear pearl correctly?

The premise of using sexy underwear pearls is to perform muscle training to enhance vaginal muscle tension and make the vagina firmer.When using, you can gradually insert pearls into the vagina and try to shrink muscles so that pearls can move and stimulate the vagina.Time and intensity need to be gradually increased during use to avoid excessive stimulation of the vagina.

Precautions for sexy underwear pearls

Pay attention to the following points when using sexy underwear pearls:

1. Be sure to clean it before use, avoid reuse during use;

2. Do not use during pregnancy, menstrual period and leucorrhea;

3. Muscle training is required during use, so it should not be excessive, so as to avoid severe pain and damage;

4. The correct posture should be taken during use to avoid excessive movement and exercise.

The applicable crowd of sexy underwear pearls

The use of sexy underwear pearls for sex life is a good choice.At the same time, modern women are generally stressful. Using sexy underwear pearls can help relax the body and mind, relieve stress, and enhance happiness.In addition, older women can also use sexy underwear pearls, which can assist vaginal muscle recovery, improve tissue elasticity, and prevent gynecological diseases such as low back pain and pelvic lust.

Sending underwear pearls to buy

When buying sexy underwear pearls, you can choose a regular adult products mall or specialty store to ensure that you can buy good quality, safe and reliable products.At the same time, you need to pay attention to the parameters such as product material, size and color to avoid buying products that are not suitable for you.

The effect and experience of sexy underwear pearls can bring

Using sexy underwear pearls can bring various effects and experiences such as muscle training, vaginal firming, improving sexual pleasure, and alleviating emotions.It can be used as a tool to regulate the body and mind daily, or it can be used as an auxiliary appliance that increases sexual interest.

in conclusion

Sex underwear pearls are a variety of functions, significant effects, and safe and reliable sexual tools.Pay attention to cleaning maintenance, appropriate use, normal purchase, etc. to ensure better use effects and physical health.

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