What’s wrong with wearing sex underwear?

Introduction: Why do we wear sex underwear?

Wearing erotic underwear makes people feel more sexy, confident and more attractive.Between couples, wearing erotic underwear can increase fun and passion and increase emotional intimacy.However, some people are holding a negative attitude towards sexy underwear. So what is bad to wear sex underwear?

1. wear the skin

Interests of sexy underwear fabrics may wear the skin, causing friction and discomfort.Some underwear materials may be tingled with skin allergies or cause.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you must pay attention to the quality of the fabric and choose the style suitable for your body.

Second, uncomfortable

The design of some sexy underwear is too complicated or too many details, and they will feel uncomfortable when they are worn.Especially for daily wear, the characteristics of sexual underwear and tightening are easy to cause discomfort. Especially in summer or exercise, you need to pay more attention to the breathability of the clothing.

Third, damage health

Some sexy underwear uses unhealthy chemical ingredients or pigments, causing potential threats to human health.For example, some unsafe dyes or additives using unsafe underwear may penetrate into the human body through the body, leading to health problems.Therefore, choosing a healthy and safe sexy underwear is important.

Fourth, gender stereotype impression

Wearing sexy underwear is considered a privilege of women, and men wearing sexy underwear will even be considered a stereotype of gender behavior.However, anyone has the right to choose their own way of dress and not be discriminated against by gender.It should break this single gender cognition so that everyone can choose the sexy underwear they want to wear freely.

5. Increase family burden

Interests of underwear are usually relatively high, and the service life is relatively short.If you spend money to buy unnecessary erotic underwear, it may lead to increased family burden.Moreover, if it is not used properly or is not suitable for skin, it may need to spend more money to treat skin problems.

6. Not suitable for different figures

The sexy underwear on the market is diverse, but not everyone is suitable for wearing.For people with a bad body, it is critical to choose a sexy underwear suitable for their own body shape.Otherwise, not only can it not achieve the effect of improving self -confidence and charm, but it will make yourself feel more uneasy and embarrassing.

7. Social difficulties

Wearing sexy underwear on some occasions may cause criticism from others or society, and even become the object of humiliation and laughter.Therefore, you need to be more cautious and paid attention to when choosing to wear sexy underwear.In private places, you can enjoy the fun of sexy underwear; and in public places, you need to choose to wear according to culture and etiquette.

Eight, affect personal image

Underwear reflects the personal image to a certain extent.If the sexy underwear is too exposed or the color is too dazzling, it may leave a bad impression.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you must not only consider your preferences, but also pay attention to whether your image and style are consistent.If the personal image is not matched with the underwear style, not only can not achieve the effect of beautifying itself, but it may also be counterproductive.

Nine, too utilitarian

Sex underwear is usually regarded as a tool to increase interest and passion.However, if you think of sexy underwear as the only creative and emotional experience source, it will lack depth and connotation in life, too utilitarian and shallow.Interests and passion do not originate from items, but from the inspiration and creativity.

10. Conclusion

In summary, there are some negative effects in wearing erotic underwear, but as long as you choose properly and properly use, sexy underwear can also bring people a lot of fun and pleasure.The most important thing is that according to your own needs and attitude, you choose to freely choose the sexy underwear that suits you, and use it in the right place, time and method.

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