What should I do if I wear sexy underwear nervous?

What should I do if I wear sexy underwear nervous?

Wearing sexy underwear can make many women feel nervous and uncomfortable.This is normal. After all, sexy underwear is a special costume that is different from daily.This article will provide you with several effective suggestions to help you overcome tension and wear confidence and beauty.

Choose a style that suits you

First of all, choose a sexy lingerie style that suits you.Choosing a size and style that suits you can not only make you feel more comfortable and confident, but also make your beautiful figure more perfect.

keep healthy

Secondly, before wearing sexy underwear, you should seriously consider the problem of maintaining good health.This includes regular diet, appropriate exercise and relaxation.If you can maintain a good state in your body, you will be more natural and comfortable to wear sexy underwear.

be prepared

When preparing to put on sexy underwear, you should be prepared.This includes problems such as the maintenance and cleanliness of clothing, makeup, dressing, and sexy underwear.

Smooth breathing

When you are wearing a sexy underwear, you must make sure your breathing is smooth.When your sexy underwear is too tight or unsurmonable, it is easy to make you feel difficult and uncomfortable.So you need to make appropriate adjustments: adjust the location of sexy underwear to ensure that it can bring you the most comfortable and confident feeling.

Practice self -confidence

Tension and uncomfortable, often because of lack of self -confidence.So before wearing sexy underwear, you can try some self -training, such as practicing speaking, facing mirrors to practice self -confidence, etc., to enhance self -confidence, thereby wearing sexy underwear more calmly and confidently.

Choose the right occasion

It is best to choose the right occasion to wear sexy underwear.If you feel uncomfortable and nervous, don’t wear sexy underwear to participate in important occasions that need to show yourself.On the contrary, you can choose some casual occasions, such as family gatherings, friends gatherings, etc. to gradually adapt to the dressing experience of sexy underwear.

Communicate with your partner

If you wear sexy underwear with your partner, you can relieve your tension and uncomfortable through communication with your partner.Communicate with each other and understand and support each other, making you feel more natural and comfortable.

Try different styles

Finally, you can try different erotic underwear style.After a certain period of adaptation, you will find that wearing sexy underwear can also bring a lot of fun and happiness.You can choose a sexy underwear that suits you from different materials, styles, and colors to achieve a more beautiful and sexy effect.


Wearing sex underwear is a unique fashion experience that needs to adapt and practice.By choosing your own style, maintaining good health, fully preparation, smooth breathing, practicing self -confidence, choosing suitable occasions, communicating with partners, and trying different styles, you can help you overcome tension and get out of confidence and beauty.

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