What kind of sexy underwear feels better

What kind of sexy underwear feels better

When choosing sexy underwear, many people pay attention to styles, colors and materials.The choice of materials directly affects the feel of sexy underwear, and the feelings of good feel lingerie brings a more comfortable dressing experience.But what kind of sexy underwear feels better?The following will be analyzed from the aspects of materials, details.

Natural fiber feel best

Natural fiber refers to extracted from nature, such as cotton, silk, hemp, wool, etc.These fiber texture is soft and breathable, with good hygroscopic perspiration and temperature regulating effects, and it is also milder to women’s sensitive skin.Moreover, these natural fibers are uniform and delicate, and the quality of the quality of the quality is very comfortable.

Synthetic fiber is also good

Synthetic fiber refers to artificial fibers made after chemical treatment.Common synthetic fibers include nylon, spandex, T/C, polyester, etc.These fiber feels soft and elastic, and has good wear resistance and anti -wrinkle.Some sexy underwear is produced by synthetic fiber and natural fiber blending, which can have the advantages of both and more suitable for wearing.

Attention to detail

Good materials are the basis for ensuring feel. In addition, pay attention to the details of sexy underwear.For example, the suture line should be flat, firm; no flaws, color differences, stains and other problems; fabrics do not have defects such as burrs, Mo Xiaodong.At the same time as these details affect the feel, it also reflects the rigorous requirements of the brand’s product quality.

Choosing the right material is also critical

Choosing a material suitable for your own skin texture is also an important part of ensuring a good sense of sexy underwear.Different people have different skin sensitivity, and the materials have a certain sensitivity.For example, some women have an allergic reaction to a small amount of spandex, while some people are not sensitive to this.Therefore, when choosing the material, you must choose according to your actual situation.

Quality guarantee is important

Whether it is natural fiber or synthetic fiber, the sexual underwear manufactured by the selection and processing processes of materials is mostly high quality, which has excellent feel.Some of the non -formal brands, because of the simple production process, or sewing the use of sub -products, will lead to poor feel.

Price and quality should be balanced

The price of sexy underwear is also a factor that affects the feel.High -price sexy underwear is often more solid in terms of materials, details, and craftsmanship.However, the price differences between different brands of sexy underwear are large. Therefore, choosing a well -known and well -known brand sexy underwear can ensure comfortable feel and not affect the thickness of the wallet.

Suitable size is essential

Whether sexy lingerie feels good or not is also related to the size of the size.Excessive size or too small will cause the sexy lingerie to feel uncomfortable, and even feel oppressive.Therefore, the size of the sexy underwear should be taken seriously, and the size is selected according to the brand size watch and the actual situation of the individual.


Whether it is a natural fiber or a synthetic fiber love underwear, as long as the material is appropriate, the details are in place, the quality is guaranteed, the price and quality can be balanced, and the size matching is appropriate to have a good feel.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, we should pay attention to the brand and materials. Do not ignore the size and details so that we can choose the sexy underwear that suits them best.

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