What is the name of Fangyuan’s sexy underwear brand?

Fang Yuan said what is called a fun underwear brand, do you know what it is called?

Interest underwear is a fashion category that combines sexy and art, and is more and more popular with women.As a sexy underwear expert, you must have heard Fang Yuan’s endorsement of sexy underwear brands, but do you know what it is called?Let’s take a look at it together.

brand introduction

Fang Yuan’s spoiled sex lingerie brand is called LOVEBUBES.Its slogan is: "Stimulate the beauty of your deep inside." Lovebubbles has a unique design style, pays attention to details and quality, and maximizes the beauty and sexy of women.

Brand Positioning

Lovebubbles is a high -end sexy underwear brand. Its positioning is to provide high -quality, high -end sexy underwear and pajamas, so that women can feel luxury and sexy that is different from daily.

brand speciality

The brand characteristics of lovebubbles are mainly the following points:

Unique design style: Lovebubbles’s design style is very unique, combining sexy and artistic perfectly.

Pay attention to details and quality: The products of lovebubbles pay attention to details and quality to ensure the maximum quality details and manufacturing processes.

Luxury and sexy sense: LOVEBUBES’s products are full of luxury and sexy, making women feel the ultimate beauty and sexy.

Product Series

The product series of lovebubbles is divided into sexy lingerie, pajamas and accessories.Each product is carefully designed and produced by selected materials.

Sex and Emotional Lingerie Series

LoveBubbles’ sexuality fun underwear series include a variety of styles such as suspenders, corsets, underwear, and stockings.Each one has both sexy and fashionable design, making women feel their beauty and sexy.

Pajamas series

Lovebubbles’s pajamas include silk pajamas, lace pajamas, etc., focusing on details and quality, but also emphasize the comfort and convenience of pajamas.

Accessory series

The accessories series of lovebubbles include stockings, straps, bracelets, necklace and other styles, allowing women to improve the fashion taste of the overall image while sexy.

Brand Services

LOVEBUBLS’s brand service specially focuses on customer experience. It provides a variety of intimate services such as 7 -day return, lifelong sewing, free maintenance, etc., allowing customers to buy happily and use it for a long time.


The brand image of lovebubbles is very distinctive. The combination of pink and black represents the charm of sexy, fashionable and female.At the same time, lovebubbles will also invite celebrities to endorse and cooperate to make the brand more appeal and popularity.


As a high -end sexy underwear brand, Lovebubbles focuses on quality and design, adhering to the concept of making women feel beautiful and sexy, is a trusted and recommended brand.

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