What is the little dwarf?

What are the fun underwear?

Interest underwear is not only a sexual product, it has become a fashion.If your body is not tall or fat, and your chest is not very large, how do you choose the right sexy underwear?This article will introduce some tips for you.

Choose the key: style

Choose a slightly smaller bray bra.Don’t mistakenly think that big breasts need big bras. In fact, small breasts need more.It is recommended to use a gathered bra. It makes the chest look fuller.In addition, you can choose the bras that adjustable shoulder straps to make your chest look upright.

The material is thin

Choose a thin sexy underwear, such as silk, cotton and lace.Because the material can easily cover the small chest, it will not cause excessive compression and tightness.In addition, the material with thin material can make people feel softer and natural.

Color is the key

Color is very important for sexy underwear. Choose the color with red, black, purple, and other darker colors.These colors have a sense of visual depression and can create a proportional beauty through the contrast of color.

Shoulder -free underwear

If you like to wear off -back clothes in summer, then shoulder -free underwear is a good choice.This sexy underwear brings a sense of release, and it is even thinner.

The ass needs to care

Like choosing the right bra, comfortable underwear can make your image look more sexy.Choose low -key panties and try to avoid excessive pants as much as possible, which will make your butt look more up.

Avoid too thin sexy underwear

For people’s sexual underwear activities, thin erotic underwear can make people feel more comfortable. However, too much underwear, especially those who are very transparent, although it looks sexySuitable for women with small breasts, because this sexy underwear will expose the shortcomings of small breasts.

Add chest pad

You can add chest pads to increase the size of the chest and make the shape look more three -dimensional.

Choice of the top style

For the choice of the top style, it is best to choose some styles that can improve your body as much as possible, such as a slightly loose top with the waist, which will be very amazing.

The importance of overall matching

Wearing sexy underwear or other clothing in daily life needs to pay attention to the importance of overall matching.The style of matching needs to consider whether it is suitable for its body and physical proportion.


You can also wear beautiful sexy underwear with small short chests. It is very important to choose the right style, material and color.Through these techniques, you can wear a confident attitude to show the perfect self.

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