What is the blood droplets of sexy underwear?

(Note that the following content may involve adult content, please read carefully)

Why do fun underwear blood droplets use?

As a sexy, sloppy, and interesting way of dressing, sexy underwear has been loved by modern people.In recent years, a special style in sexy underwear -blood droplets has begun to attract more and more attention.So, what exactly is the blood drip and what is it?Let’s take a look together.

1. What is a blood drip?

Blood drip, literally translated as "blood drop", is part of toy, sexy underwear or sex toys, consisting of head ring, tail and rope.The head ring is hook -shaped. At near the female vaginal opening, the tail is similar to the cat’s tail decorations hanging outside, and the rope is tied to the two to form a devil role.

2. What are the functions of blood droplets?

For the other half, wearing blood droplets can bring visual impact and stimulation.Unlike conventional sexual ways, the real effect of blood droplets is reflected on the head ring. Through the stimulation of the head ring, it can achieve a sensitive area and bring more pleasure.

3. How to wear blood droplets?

If you want to achieve the effect you want, you must pay attention to the following points when wearing blood droplets: First, to ensure your own cleaning and hygiene; second, determine the position of the blood droplets and wear it directly at the vaginal opening;Rope to ensure safety.

4. What should be paid attention to the choice of blood droplets?

When buying blood droplets, we should pay attention to choosing the needs of our posture and the suitable blood droplets with the size of the head ring to ensure that we wear more comfortable and achieve the best effect.

5. What types of blood droplets are there in the market now?

With the increase in entertainment demand for modern people, there are also many types of blood droplets on the market. We can choose according to our own needs and preferences.Different blood droplets, styles, styles, colors, etc. will be different, suitable for different customer bases.

6. How to clean and maintain blood droplets correctly?

Blood droplets will directly contact the sex organs when wearing, so they need to pay great attention to cleaning and maintenance.You can use professional cleaning supplies, such as diapers, professional sexy products clean spray, etc., to make full cleaning in time, keep dry, and store in a dry and ventilated place.

7. What are the applicable groups of blood droplets?

Blood droplets are suitable for women who are difficult to obtain orgasm due to lack of sexual sensitivity, couples who want to explore new sexual ways, and people who pursue orgasm and stimulates sexual orgasm.

8. How to pay attention to the safety of blood droplets?

First of all, do not choose blood droplets with too low prices, because you may use inferior materials and have potential health risks; second, you need to pay attention to hygiene during wearing and cleaning; finally, during the use process, if there is a discomfort response, if there is a discomfort response,, Stop using it in time.

Viewpoint: Although blood droplets have stimulating effects, there may be certain health risks. We need to choose formal and professional erotic supplies when buying to ensure the quality and safety of the product. At the same time, we must pay attention to when wearing and usingHygiene and safety issues.

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