What does it mean to make fish bones in erotic underwear?

What is sexy underwear fish bone?

For sexy underwear enthusiasts, the word fish bone is very familiar.So, what is a sexy underwear fish bone?In simple terms, fish bones refer to a plastic or metal strip used to support the outer contour of the chest shell cup in a fun underwear, usually matching the curve in the shell cup.

The role of sexy underwear fish bone

The main function of fish bones is to support, shape, waist and other functions in the sexy underwear chest shell cup.It can maintain the shape of the sexy underwear, make the chest look more upright, more bold, and sometimes improve the body curve.The number and location of fish bones vary from the style of sexy underwear. Some use multiple fish bones, and some have only one or two.In general, the choice of fish bones depends on the design of sexy underwear.

What are the types of fish bones in sex?

There are many types and materials of erotic underwear fish bones, including metal, plastic, nylon, rubber, etc.Metal fish bones are usually used in some high -end sexy underwear because they are stronger and lasting.Plastic fish bones are more common, because they are lighter and more difficult to wear.Rubber and nylon fish bones are also very common because they can maintain a soft and comfortable feeling.

How to correctly wash the bone of sexy underwear?

Although the fish bones in sexy underwear have the effect of maintaining a fun underwear, they also need to be cleaned regularly.Be careful when cleaning the fish bones, do not let them distort or distort.

Generally, the method of cleaning the fish bone is to put the sexy underwear in warm water and add a small amount of neutral detergent.Do not clean it with hot water or bleach.Gently massage the sexy underwear with your hands, clean the fish bones and other parts.Then dry the sexy underwear, do not use the dryer.

How to correctly wear a sexy underwear fish bone?

Before wearing a sexy underwear, you need to determine the correct position of the fish bone.Loose the band of the sexy underwear, bypass it from behind, and put the two shell cups on each chest.Push the fish bone to the bottom of your sexy underwear cup, and then press it gently to slide it.Finally, the sexy underwear is more close by adjusting the band and hook eyes.

Frequent erotic underwear fish bone problems

When using sexy lingerie fish bones, sometimes there are some common problems, such as protruding fish bones, drilling into the skin, and compressing the chest.These problems are usually caused by improper selection of fish bone.It is very important to choose the correct sexy underwear fish bone, so you need to pay attention to the material, length and quantity of fish bones when buying sexy underwear.

How to avoid sexual underwear fish bone?

In order to avoid the problem of erotic lingerie fish bone, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Choose sexy underwear that is suitable for your chest size;

When buying sexy underwear, pay attention to the material and quality of fish bones;

When wearing sexy underwear, pay attention to adjust the position of the band and fish bone to keep it comfortable.


Fish bone is an important part of supporting and shaping in sexy underwear. It is important to correctly choose and wear fish bones.When buying sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the type and material of the fish bone. When you wear it, you need to pay attention to adjust the location of the fish bone and the length of the belt to maintain the comfort and appropriateness of the sexy underwear.

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