What are the sexy underwear in the body?

What are the sexy underwear in the body?

The poor body is one of the troubles of many women, and it is also very distressed about dressing, not to mention the sexy and teasing clothing such as sexy underwear.But don’t be nervous, as long as you choose the right sexy underwear, you can also become a sexy goddess.This article will introduce the skills of wearing sexy underwear from several aspects.

Material articles

First consider material issues.Material is one of the key to sexy underwear. Choosing the right material can well modify the shortcomings of the figure and create a sexy atmosphere.The recommended materials include elastic mesh, lace, silk and so on.These soft and close -fitting materials can fit the body curve well, and even if the figure is not good, it can bring a sexy atmosphere.In addition, pay attention to the choice of breathable performance, so as to breathe and comfort.


Followed by style.Each woman has its own charm and figure characteristics. Different styles are suitable for different figures. The key is to find a style that suits you.For example, if your chest is small, you can choose to emphasize the design of the chest, such as lace decoration, thin cup design, and so on.If your waist is strong, you can choose a high -waisted sexy underwear to modify the waist curve well.

Color chapter

Color is the magic weapon of sex underwear.Color can add mystery and sexy atmosphere to your figure.The key is to choose the color that suits you.If your skin tone is white, you can try to choose bright colors, such as pink, pink, etc.But if your skin tone is darker, you can consider choosing dark sexy underwear, such as dark black, wine red, etc.


Some sexy underwear uses some different patterns and designs, such as animal printing, mint green, vertical stripes, and so on.These patterns are to highlight your figure.If your body is relatively thin, you can choose some bold patterns, such as animal printing, letter pattern, etc.If your body is a bit bloated, you can choose some simple lines of lines, such as vertical stripes and dot patterns.


Interest underwear often needs to be matched with some accessories, such as adhesion necklaces, thongs, stockings, and so on.These accessories can stretch your body visually and highlight your sexy characteristics.When choosing accessories, consider your body characteristics and choose the right accessories.


The sexy lingerie style is very rich, and different styles can adapt to different occasions.For example, some sexy underwear styles are suitable for sexy games at night, and some are suitable for usual home wearing.The key is to choose the appropriate style according to your own characteristics to avoid choosing inappropriate styles to lead to the shortcomings of the body.


Choosing the right size is crucial.If the size of the sexy underwear is too large or too small, it will not only cause discomfort, but also make the body defect more prominent.Therefore, when buying a sexy underwear, choose the right size and try to fit the body curve as much as possible when wearing.

Price article

There are differences in the price of sexy underwear. Generally speaking, the more expensive erotic underwear has more comfortable, breathable and soft materials, and the quality is more reliable.However, too low prices often reflect the poor quality of erotic underwear, and the comfort and satisfaction when wearing will also be reduced. Therefore, the price and quality must be weighing when choosing.


In short, choosing the right sexy underwear is an important step to make yourself sexy. In the process of choosing, you can consider your own figure characteristics and comprehensively comprehensivelyConsider, choose the right sexy underwear to show your charm and sexy atmosphere.

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