What are the names of those sexy underwear?

What are the names of those sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a costume that adds fun in sex.They usually use sexy, exposed, transparent, and textured materials, giving people a highly irritating sexy feeling.And the models of sexy underwear are also an important role in showing sex underwear.With their beautiful figure and perfect curve, they show the beauty and charm of sexy underwear.This article will introduce what the models of those sexy underwear are called.

1. Victoria’s Secret supermodel

Victoria’s Secret’s super models are one of the most well -known models in the sex underwear industry.They have good physical fitness, and some are still slender angel models.For a long time, these models have attracted much attention in the industry with their perfect proportions and a figure that conform to fashion aesthetics.

2. Japanese sexy underwear model

Japan’s sexy underwear has always been known for its ingenious design and superb production craftsmanship, and Japanese sexy underwear models are also active.They add a fresh and pleasant taste to the sexy underwear with exquisite facial features and small and exquisite postures.

3. European and American sexy underwear model

European and American countries have always been known for its open culture. In the field of sexy underwear, European and American models show the front -edge and bold image.The fashionable and trendy of the sexy underwear on them shows their unique personality to the world.

Fourth, homewear underwear model

Homewear underwear models focus on creating a comfortable and natural home feel. Their clothing styles are diverse, including lace, satin, etc., as well as comfortable cotton materials.The sexy underwear design on them is more practical and comfortable.

5. Korean sexy underwear model

The sexy underwear design of Korean sexy underwear models is fashionable and exquisite, and the style is changeable.With their slender figure and cute temperament, they add a strong oriental charm to the erotic underwear.

6. Thai sexy underwear model

Thai sexy underwear models spread tropical style with soft shape and bright colors, giving a beautiful and mysterious feeling.The sexy lingerie style on them is unique and very eye -catching.

7. Chinese sexy underwear model

China’s sexy underwear models not only have outstanding figures, but also Oriental women with thousands of years of cultural heritage. Therefore, the sexy underwear design on them emphasizes cultural characteristics.Chinese -style patterns and luxurious materials have become important design inspiration for technicians.

Eight, Internet sex underwear model

In the Internet era, fun underwear can also be displayed through the network platform, so online sex lingerie models are becoming more and more popular.Net red sexy underwear models use explosive sexy underwear to display, and with their own charming and enthusiasm, let us feel the beauty of sexy underwear on the Internet.

Nine, sports sexy underwear models

The sports industry also has sexy underwear models. They show their sexy underwear relied on their healthy physique and flexible figure.With their charm, youth and health, they show the self -confidence and beauty contained in sexy underwear.

10. The charm of sexy underwear models

The above is the analysis of sexy underwear models. Each erotic underwear model has fully demonstrated the wonderful and fashionableness of sexy underwear with its own characteristics and charm.In the special field of sexy underwear, they are creating their own model routes.Their beauty is not only external, but also combines the inner self -confidence and courage, making sexy underwear a sense of interest.

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