What are the names of people who like sexy underwear?

What are the names of people who like sexy underwear?


Interest underwear has a certain mystery and temptation in the eyes of many people. It is a kind of underwear that can enhance sexy.So what should people who like to wear sex underwear?This article will explore this topic.


Those who like sexy underwear may be called eroticism, which is more common.This title does not degrade the meaning of sexy underwear, but emphasizes the love of these people’s love elements.

Sexy party

People in sexy underwear usually make a lot of effort in sexy, so some people call it a sexy party.Although this name is relatively exaggerated, it can also express people who wear sexy underwear to pursue sexy attitudes.

Underwear enthusiast

Calling people in sex underwear as underwear lovers is also a relatively neutral and euphemistic statement.Underwear, as a common clothing, is actually not special, allowing people to avoid excessive meaning of sexy underwear itself.

Private passenger

People who wear fun underwear on specific occasions may be called private passers -by.This title emphasizes the privacy of sexy underwear, and also expresses the relative rational views of these people.

Low -key wearing home

Some people prefer to try low -key underwear, so they can be called low -key wearing home.This title is relatively easy -going and naughty, without too much language restraint, and also expresses these people’s attitude towards sexy underwear.


Some people like to link sexy underwear and passion and call them passion.This name is more obvious to reflect the pursuit of erotic elements, and it also expresses the love of people who wear underwear.

Performer on the bed

Those who will wear sexy underwear on the bed can be called the bed performers.This title is obviously expressed the sexy nature of the underwear, and it also shows an active attitude of wearing a sexy underwear.


For those who have high pursuit of sexy underwear style, quality, and design, they can be called a taste.This name expresses that people who wear sexy underwear are not only attractive, but also a taste pursuit.

Beautiful conveyor

Interest underwear itself is a beautiful existence. People wearing sexy underwear can be called a beautiful transmitter and pass the beauty to the people around.This title is relatively abstract and poetic, and it also shows a aesthetic pursuit of sexy underwear.


Different people have different names, and people who like sexy underwear are no exception.These titles may have a certain prejudice and stereotype, but it is precisely because of the mysterious temptation of sexy underwear that gives them more colorful symbolic meaning in people’s hearts.In the end, it is important to find a sexy and comfortable lingerie that you like and comfortable. You don’t have to care about how others call yourself, because the most attitude and confidence of the dressing underwear is the most attitude and confidence of the dressing underwear.

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