What are the movies wearing sex underwear?

What are the movies wearing sex underwear?

The combination of erotic underwear and film and television is nothing new, and it can be seen in the major film and television dramas.Especially in some erotic movies and variety shows, actors wearing sexy underwear are more common.So, what are the movies wearing sexy underwear?Let me introduce it to you.

1. "Sex and City"

The success of "Sex and City" is largely due to its portrayal of sexy underwear culture to a large extent.In this TV series, we can see the various exquisite sexy underwear, different colors, materials, and styles of the heroines, showing countless different charm and sexy.

2. "Macross Cohabitation"

"Macross" is a romantic comedy movie with the theme of crossing. There is a drama about sexy underwear in the film. The heroine Du Xiaoqin (Ning Hao) is very sexyThe sexy underwear, the picture is very attractive.

3. "Frozen and Snow 2"

As the leader in Disney animation films, "Frozen and Snow 2" does not forget to wear an interporals in the picture in the picture.In the movie, the heroine Anna wore a black erotic underwear, which made the audience full of eyes, and inadvertently left a good impression on the adult audience.

Fourth, "Beauty and Beast"

"Beauty and Beast" is also a Disney animation film. In the storyline of the film, Belle (twin Audrey Hepburn) wore a red sexy underwear in front of the beast, and the picture was full of temptation and faint.

5. "Single Diary"

Like "Sex and City", "Single Diary" is also a TV series with the theme of fashion and emotions. The heroine in the play reveals the freedom and pursuit of women in the new era through her diary records and sexy underwear display through her diary records and sexy underwear display.Essence

6. "The Star of the Star Bright"

One of the interesting plots in this TV series is that the heroine accidentally met the actor after trying to penetrate the sexy underwear. Then, under the pursuit of the heroine, the two were finally happy together.In the meantime, the sexual relationship worn by the female lead has also become one of the most noticeable focus of the audience.

Seven, "Running Man"

As a large variety show, "Running Man" also has a lot of sexy underwear elements.In different competitions, men and women players will wear bright sexy underwear, which is very sexy and out.The pink sexy underwear has become a classic.

8. "Romantic Full House"

The heroine of "Romantic Full House" (Song Huiqiao), pure temperament, but the sexy underwear he wore is full of sexy and tempting.As an outstanding representative of the first year of the Hanliu, a large number of fans are attracted by their fresh appearance and seductive figure.

Nine, "Healthy Links"

"Health has a covenant" is a science science program, which often has the popularity of sexy underwear knowledge in the program.The celebrity interview guests will mention some of their own sexy underwear experience, which also allows the audience to have a comprehensive improvement in their knowledge.

10. "Running Brothers"

Similar to "Running Man", "Running Brothers" is also a large outdoor variety show. There are many sexy underwear wearing competitions in the show. At first glance, these competitions are very funny, but at the same time, they can resonate with some people.


Through the introduction of the above TV series, film and variety shows, we can see the popularity and influence of sexy underwear in film and television, and these film and television works also prove that women wearing sexy underwear have both sexy and seductive side.There are also gentle and beautiful side.In short, wearing sexy underwear shooting movies can bring us more visual enjoyment and sensory stimuli, and can also make us more comprehensively understand the cultural connotation of sexy underwear.

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