Sexy underwear without end lining underwear Beauty

Sexy underwear without end lining underwear Beauty


Interesting underwear has a variety of styles, one of which is a popular sexy underwear is a beauty without end lining underwear.This underwear is far from traditional constraints, full of innovation, sexy, and freedom, and is favored by beauty.

Understand the beauty without the underwear

The beauty without collienal underwear refers to the sexy underwear without underwear pads, and is generally equipped with hinge design.This sexy underwear can highlight the sexy curve of women, and also contains a bold and innovative taste.

How to choose a beauty without collateral underwear

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When choosing a beautiful woman without a lining underwear, you first need to consider the size of the size.Each brand and each style will have different size standards. If you buy the wrong size, it will affect the overall dressing effect.Secondly, choose a style suitable for your body, such as long or short, shoulder straps, and so on.Finally, consider personal wear needs, such as whether to match other clothing, or to support the chest, and so on.

suitable occasion

The beauty without collateral underwear is suitable for wearing on weddings, parties, dating, etc., which can highlight the sexy charm of women, while adding the temperament and taste of overall clothing.For women who like sports and fitness, if you choose a hinge design style, you can easily show the perfect curve.


The matching of the beauty of the underwear is very important. It can be paired with stockings, high -heeled shoes, suspenders and other accessories to increase the temperament and aesthetics of the overall style.Especially with black high heels and black stockings, it can show a noble and elegant temperament.

Maintenance method

To protect this precious sexy underwear, we need to take some maintenance measures.Generally speaking, it should be washed with cold water hands, and it cannot be washed or used by a bleach; adding a little vinegar to the soft agent can help remove the residual dirt and odor, and maintain the texture and shape.

Brand recommendation

There are many brands on the market that offers a style without collateral underwear.Among them, Victoria’s secrets, Aeg, and Lenen pomegranate are very good choices.Their style is diverse, the price is moderate, and the quality is guaranteed.

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When wearing a beautiful woman with no lining underwear, you also need to pay attention to some use items.For example, you cannot wear too long or tight pants, or choose the right personal underwear.In addition, do not exercise too much or too active, so as not to cause damage to sexy underwear.

Price range

The price range is generally between hundreds and thousands of yuan, but according to factors such as brands, styles and quality, the price is also different.Compared with other types of sexy underwear, the price of no lining underwear beauty is more medium, which is more suitable for the consumer budget of ordinary women.

Sub -culture influence

As a innovative sexy underwear, the beauty without collateral underwear has been influenced by some sub -culture.For example, Japan’s Sweetheart Society, Skulls and other organizations, most women choose to wear this sexy underwear to reflect their mavericks and publicity.


In the long time, the beauty of sexy underwear without collienal underwear has always been favored by women with its innovative, sexy, and freedom.It is an important part of women’s aesthetics and fashion, which also reflects the changes and personalized pursuit of contemporary women to a certain extent.