Sex underwear real silk

Sex underwear real silk

What is the real silk sexy dress

Real silk sex underwear uses pure natural silk or mulberry silk as fabrics. The touch is smooth and delicate, with good breathability and suitable for wearing on the skin.It’s easier to create complex patterns such as lace and lace, making sexy underwear look more sexy and charming.

True silk sexy underwear style

There are many sexy lingerie styles, including underwear jackets, sexy pajamas, sexy bikini, suspenders, bras and tulle wraps.Different styles of sexy underwear are suitable for different occasions and body shapes. For example, sexy pajamas are suitable for wearing in the bedroom, and bikini is more suitable for wearing on the pool or beach.

Suitable for real silk sexy underwear

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Because the fabric of the real silk sexy underwear is softer, it is only suitable for a flexible figure.Compared with other materials, the silk fabric is heavier, so you need to consider the quality and thickness of the fabric when buying.If the two of the same real silk sexy underwear are different, the visual experience will be very different.

Truth tips for real -life underwear maintenance

When washing the real silk sexy underwear, do not use too hot water or rub it hard to avoid damaging the fabric.You can use some mild laundry solution, and pat the underwear gently or rub the underwear. Do not twist.At the same time, to avoid direct sun exposure, it should be placed in a cool place to air dry.

Buying suggestions for real silk sexy underwear

When buying real silk erotic underwear, the quality of the fabric should be paid to avoid the feeling and comfort of low -quality materials affecting the feeling and comfort of wearing.In addition, you need to choose the style that is suitable for your own body, and choose the appropriate size according to the characteristics of the body.

Really silk sex underwear matching and dressing suggestions

Real silk sex lingerie is most suitable for private occasions or when you get along with your partner.It can be paired with high heels, red lips and other accessories to improve the overall temperament.In addition, pay attention to your skin status when wearing to avoid affecting the effect of wearing.

The price of real silk sex underwear

Because the production process and fabric itself are relatively high, the price is relatively high.However, high -quality real silk sexy underwear can continue to use for many years, so it is worth investing.

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Comparison of real silk sex underwear and other materials

Compared with other materials, the real silk sex lingerie is softer and more comfortable, and it is better in terms of touch and breathability.At the same time, the luster and elasticity of the silk are also unmatched by other materials.However, compared to other materials, the fabric of the real silk sex lingerie is relatively heavy, and it may be disliked by some people.

The mixed style of real silk sex lingerie and cellulose material

Many erotic underwear manufacturers mix silk with cellulose materials to overcome the shortcomings of a single material.Such a mixed style is more beautiful in appearance and relatively low prices, but comfort and breathability may be affected.


In general, the real silk erotic underwear has many advantages in terms of comfort, touch and appearance.Choosing high -quality real silk sexy underwear can not only improve their temperament and taste, but also make the wearer more confident.However, when buying and using, you also need to pay attention to the style and size suitable for your own to avoid affecting the overall dressing effect.