Sex underwear Pinyin’s first letter

Sex underwear Pinyin's first letter

Interesting underwear, English name Sexy Lingerie, refers to a sexy female underwear for flirting, sex or appreciation alone.Common materials are silk, lace, net eyes, etc.Let’s start with the first letter of Pinyin to introduce several common sexy underwear types.

H2: A: Acrylic underwear

Acrylic underwear, which is transparent underwear, is one of the hottest sexy underwear in recent years.Its unique transparency can seduce each other’s vision and make fun more teasing.

H2: B: Vest -style sexy underwear

The vest sexy underwear is a separate underwear on the upper body. As the name suggests, it has a style similar to the vest.It is usually relatively simple, can be solid or patterns, but the fabrics used are generally more sexy, such as lace and silk.

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H2: C: Adult sexy underwear

Adult sex lingerie refers to a special underwear for adults to appreciate and wear.Because it pays more attention to the visual shock, it often uses a more strange design style and special texture, which makes the whole underwear more tempting and interesting.

H2: D: Low -chest sexy underwear

The underwear cups with low -chest sexy underwear can be very low, even lower than the straight line.This underwear is mainly to show the breast curve of women as much as possible.It reveals the sexy side of women, may be more suitable for women who are confident and dare to try.

H2: E: Demon underwear

Demon underwear has a very sexy shape, usually black as the main color, a bit like the sexy black silk we usually say. Many people think that they are particularly sexy and charming to wear.

H2: F: French sexy underwear

French sexy underwear is characterized by the use of lace, ruffled edges, folds, and silk. Through scattered lace and a few wrinkles, the purpose of showing curves and leaving people to leaving space is achieved.

H2: G: High waist fat MM sexy underwear

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The design of the high -waisted fat MM sex underwear is to emphasize the curve, which is tight and fit.This underwear can cover the hip defects, help weaken the small belly of the waist, and show the beautiful outline that has its own unique charm.

H2: H: Hip hip -hip -hip underwear

The characteristic of the hip -hip underwear is characterized by its strong wrapping of the hips, and it successfully shows the beauty of the lines of the hip.Most of these underwear models do not wear underwear, and their hips are comfortable and breathable.

H2: i: Lace sex underwear

The characteristics of lace sexy underwear are beautiful, elegant, and sexy.From the perspective of using lace sexy underwear manufacturers, the excellent characteristics of lace make it more feminine.

H2: J: Calm erotic underwear

Calm -handed sexy underwear is a kind of underwear made of sexy naked restraint equipment combined with the design elements of sexy underwear.It can effectively create a sexy and strange atmosphere, which is an essential tool for flirting and sex.

At the end, wearing a sexy underwear cannot be separated from your self -confidence. A confident and generous expression is the best match for wearing fun underwear.