Sex underwear photo purchase channel

Sex underwear photo purchase channel


In this diverse society, sex is no longer a difficult topic. On the contrary, it has gradually been accepted by the public.This is one of the reasons why the sexy underwear industry is so prosperous.Many women choose to wear sexy underwear to enhance self -confidence and sexy. These underwear styles are not only women, but also men can wear.In this article, we will discuss the purchase channel of sexy underwear photos.

Professional retail store

Professional retail stores are the first choice for buying sexy underwear.These shops will provide professional consultant guidance to help you choose the right size and style. They are very familiar with the style and material of sexy underwear and have rich options to choose from.At the same time, their privacy was also protected.

Online professional store

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If you live in remote areas or have not enough time, you can buy in professional stores.These stores offer a variety of sexy underwear options, you can easily screen and compare.These professional stores usually provide detailed sexual underwear size and style introduction, as well as customer service help services.

Network mall

If you want to buy sex underwear to buy a mall, online malls are the best choice.These business districts provide many brand and types of sexy underwear. They often discount prices. Choose many such as beautiful women’s sexy underwear, sexy lingerie, European and American sexy underwear, etc. At the same time, you can get points.privacy protection.


If you like to switch freely on shopping and network, combination may be the best choice.Many online stores with sexy underwear also have physical stores. You can choose to touch offline and use expert consultation to guide your purchase decision.Therefore, combining these two ways of shopping is also a good way, which is easier to buy suitable sexy underwear.

Brand store

Some brands will sell sexy underwear in their own stores. The location of these shops may be more difficult to find, but they will provide special sexy underwear exclusive sale, and comfort and high -quality guarantees.Therefore, if you like the sexy underwear of a brand, then look for the brand’s specialty store.

Large chain store

Large chain stores can provide many brand’s sexy underwear, and the price is usually more affordable than professional stores.However, because there is no professional consultant to help you, choosing the right feeling and privacy protection may be difficult.


Non -traditional retail stores

In addition to professional retail stores, you can also look for sexy underwear in non -traditional stores.Such as supermarkets, convenience stores, etc.These stores may not provide the styles you need, but they may sell more basic sexy underwear, such as pantyhose or low -cut underwear.This is a good choice for people who need to buy a basic sexy underwear in a short time.

Sexy store

The sex health store is a good option. They usually sell more wide sexy lingerie styles than professional stores, such as naked underwear and jacket shorts.These stores also sell additional health products.

Private customization

If you are not satisfied with the size of the standard, or if you want a specially designed private custom style, then the private custom store is your choice. Although the price is high, the custom -made sexy underwear will definitely be more comfortable and comfortable than the usual sexy underwear.Perfect.

Idle platform

If your sexy underwear has no capacity, you can sell it through the idle platform.For example, Taobao, Xianyu, JD second -hand, etc.Simply list the products on the platform, and write down details and prices to reach a transaction.Not only ensure that your sexy underwear is processed, but also some savings can be left.


In general, everyone’s situation is different.When choosing the sales channel of sexy underwear, it is basically considering their own privacy, security, and spending.Therefore, you should choose the method of buying a sexy underwear suitable for you according to your own funds, preferences and time, so that you can buy a suitable sexy underwear, which not only reflects your own body advantages, increases confidence, but also brings more moreA lot of joy and enjoyment.