Sex underwear opening design

Sex underwear opening design

Sex underwear opening design

When it comes to sexy underwear, the first thing many people think of is opening underwear.Open underwear has a more bold design in shape, which can make people visually add a sexy and tempting.However, there are many design problems on the open panties.When choosing and using, different styles and designs need to be considered to meet personal needs.

Why choose to open the panties?

Open underwear plays a very important role in sex.They can make people participate more freely to participate in sex activities and add different stimuli.In addition to being used in sex, there are many other uses for opening underwear, such as increasing interest or dressing.

Different styles of opening underwear

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There are many styles of opening underwear, such as the front opening, the rear opening, the side opening, the bow type, the zipper type, etc.The opening position of each style can meet different needs.Therefore, when choosing to open the underwear, you need to consider the location and applicable scenario first.

The difference between the front opening and the rear opening

The difference between the front opening and the rear opening lies in the position of the opening.The facial opening of the panties in front, and the back of the underwear on the back.The front opening underwear is easier to operate and use, suitable for beginners or lack of experience, and then open panties are more hidden, suitable for more aggressive and experienced users.

Features of side opening underwear

Unlike the panties with the front and the rear openings, a gap will be opened from the legs of the trousers to the side. It is more modified when used, which is often a more fashionable and fashionable choice.

Zipper opening underwear

The opening of the zipper -type open panties is on the side of the genitals, which is a relatively novel design.Zipper panties are a challenging and emotional style, suitable for people who seek to be more exciting and differently experienced.

The characteristics of the bow knot open panties

The bow -type open panties, like the side -opening underwear, open on both sides of the underwear.Different from the side -opening underwear, the bow -type opening underwear is more eye -catching and beautiful in public, with more cute elements and girly style.


Sexy and underwear accessories

Open underwear is an important part of a sexy underwear suit.Like other underwear accessories, opening underwear can be used to enrich your sexual life and provide more excitement and fun.

Precautions for opening underwear

Although the opening underwear is very sexy, you need to pay attention to some issues when using it.For example, the type of pants should be appropriate, it is best to use elastic materials; it is also necessary to clean and disinfect regularly, which is an important measure to maintain hygiene and health.

in conclusion

When choosing to open the underwear, you need to choose a style and material that suits you according to your needs and physical characteristics.Open underwear is not only a must -have in sex, but also can be used as sexy underwear accessories.When using, pay special attention to hygiene and health, and maintain the good state of opening underwear to ensure a safe and happy life.