Sex underwear model recruitment Dalian

Sex underwear model recruitment Dalian


In order to expand our business scope, our erotic underwear company launched an important recruitment activity in Dalian, that is, recruit new members for our sexy underwear models.

Recruitment condition

The sexy underwear model recruited by our company needs to have a plump figure, Peugeot face and smooth performance ability. It has a better experience in the front desk or performance work. The age is 18-30 years old, and the height is between 162-175cm.

Recruitment Process

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The recruitment process includes online applications, interviews, auditions and contracts.First, you must submit your personal information and contact information on our official website.We will screen the appropriate candidates within 1-3 days for interviews and auditions.If you pass the audition, we will arrange your contract and start your training plan.

Training process

During the training, we will provide you with professional sexy underwear performance skills training, including dance, yoga, body training and sexy underwear performance skills.The training time is generally 1 to 1 month, depending on your performance.


Our company will provide different salaries based on your performance level and business scope.Generally, we will provide competitive salary based on your performance quality and performance, so that your income will increase with your performance.

working environment

Our company provides a good working environment and stage, and our performance venues and equipment have met the relevant industry standards.We pay great attention to the personal privacy and safety of employees. The company will provide relevant protection measures so that every employee can work with peace of mind in a good environment.


Our company is confident in future development.We plan to expand our business scope and promote our brands and products to the whole country and even the world.This will provide our employees with more opportunities and challenges, so that every employee has a chance to show his skills.

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Other benefits

In addition to salary, our company also provides other benefits.Including employee holiday welfare, regular dinner and tourism, gym fitness, and so on.We will do our best to create a good job and living environment for you.

Application method

If you are interested in our sexy underwear model recruitment activities, please log in to our official website and fill in the online application form. We will contact you within 1-3 days and arrange interviews and auditions.

We look forward to being talented and passionate, you join our big family and create a better future with us!


Interest underwear models are a relatively special occupation that requires special ability and qualifications.If you like to perform and art, and be good at communicating and expressing, then this will be a very worth trying.I hope our recruitment activities can provide a stage for interested people to show their talents.