Sex underwear model price

Sex underwear model price

Overview of sexy underwear model prices

As a sexy and unique type of clothing, sexy underwear has been greatly welcomed in the market. In order to better display products, brand companies often need to hire sexy underwear models for display and demonstration.The price of sexy underwear models varies from various factors. Next, we will further analyze the price structure of sexy underwear models.

Factors affecting sex underwear model prices

The main influencing factors of sexy underwear models are the following:

Geoscopy: The price of sexy underwear models in different cities and regions is large. Generally speaking, the prices of first -tier cities will be relatively high.

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Model qualification: The more experienced, the better the word of mouth, the higher the price will be higher.

Project difficulty: Different erotic underwear brands have different needs and project difficulties, and the price is different.

Rental and venue costs: Some sexy underwear models need to be displayed on high -rent venues such as television stations and shopping malls, and the price will increase accordingly.

Market demand: When some festivals and business activities need to attract more consumers to pay attention to sexy underwear, the price of sexy underwear models will soar temporarily.

Sex underwear model price range

The price range of sexy underwear models is huge differences between different regions and different brands.According to market research, the price of sexy underwear models is generally floating in the following four interval.

1000-3000 yuan/day: Novices or models with less experience are generally priced at this price.

3000-5000 yuan/day: The price of sexy underwear models with a certain experience and good reputation is generally in this range.

5000-8000 yuan/day: The price of sexy underwear model with a certain popularity and popularity is generally in this range.


More than 8,000 yuan/day: In the highly well -known sexy underwear model or some important business activities, the price will rise further.

Sex underwear model price structure

The price of sexy underwear models mainly includes the following cost composition.

Basic salary expenses: The daily salary of sexy underwear models is the most basic price, including the basic cost of model display venues, diet, transportation, etc. The cost standard is usually charged every day.

Copyright fee: Some sexy underwear activities need to use pictures, images, etc., and copyrights such as the model and body of the model need to calculate the fee separately.

Advertising fee: If the brand needs to use the model’s advertising image to promote sexy underwear and other products, the advertising costs also need to be calculated separately.

Personal insurance costs: In some difficult items, sexy underwear models need to bear certain security risks, so personal insurance costs should also be budget alone.

Tax and fees: The work of sexy underwear models belongs to the derivative industry, so it is recommended to consult relevant professionals when involving tax issues.

Sex underwear model price optimization strategy

Brands can reduce the cost of sexy underwear models through the following measures.

Long -term cooperation: By establishing long -term cooperative relationships, branders can enjoy more discounts and preferential policies.

Flexible adjustment: Based on seasonal and market demand, reasonable adjustment of the model’s daily salary standards is also a method that effectively reduces costs.

Multi -channel selection: When choosing sexy underwear models, you can choose widely in many ways. Comparing the level of different models, you can finally select models with high cost -effective costs.

Effective benefits: Try to avoid unnecessary costs, such as reducing high leased venues, reducing excessive redness, paid holidays, etc.

Maintain a good relationship: In the daily communication with sexy underwear models, establishing a good interpersonal relationship can reduce many contradictions and communication problems in later work.


The price of sexy underwear model is determined by many factors, and the brand needs to formulate a reasonable budget plan according to the actual situation.Through long -term cooperation, flexible adjustment, multi -channel selection, saving benefits, and maintaining good relationships, brands can reduce the cost of sexy underwear models and promote more cost -effective sexy underwear products.