Sex underwear large -scale photo

Sex underwear large -scale photo

Sex underwear large -scale photo

Interesting underwear is one of the categories of fashion products that have attracted much attention in recent years, which can not only increase sexuality, but also stimulate self -confidence.In real life, women wearing large -scale photos wearing sexy underwear have gradually increased.

Choose the right sexy underwear

Different figures need to wear different styles of sexy underwear to shoot the best effects. For example, plump women above D cup can choose the upper and concentrated bras, while thin women can choose a cute conjoined sexy underwear.Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you is the key to success.

Ready to shoot venues and props

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To take a large -scale photo of sexy underwear requires a suitable venue and some props. You can choose a comfortable and beautiful bed, a fabric sofa or a simple and modern round stool as the shooting venue.Sheets, blankets and other props can also increase the artistic sense of photos.

Create a natural and beautiful makeup

Take a large -scale photo of sexy underwear to create a natural and beautiful makeup. Skin lighting skin care products can make the skin brighter and glorious. It is not recommended to use exaggerated makeup. Pay attention to natural and coordination with eyebrows and lip makeup.

Master the correct shooting posture

Mastering the correct shooting posture is critical to the success of large -scale photos of sexy underwear.It is recommended to choose the triangle to make the angle and posture of shooting more stable. You can use automatic regular shooting mode to master the shooting angle and posture, ensure the same effect, and increase the success rate of shooting.

Pay attention to light and color matching when shooting

The combination of light and color can make the large -scale photos of sexy underwear fuller and more full.It is recommended to shoot under the irradiation of natural light. Excessive light or too weakness will affect the quality of the photo. At the same time, choosing a background color similar to the color of the sex underwear or mutual matching will make the photo more vivid and eye -catching.

Don’t show off too much

Although large -scale photos of sexy underwear can increase self -confidence and sexy, do not over -show off.Choose the appropriate shooting venue and shooting posture to show your personal style and taste, but you cannot hang the shooting process on your mouth. Excessive showing off may cause negative comments and criticism.


Pay attention to privacy protection

Before posting a large -scale photo of sexy underwear on social networks, be sure to pay attention to privacy protection.In the photo, covering the personal privacy part or coding the photo, the release time and scope also need to be controlled to avoid leakage or being stolen by others.

After taking photos, the finishing and processing

After taking a large -scale photo of the colorful lingerie, you need to organize and deal with it. Select the best works to cut, adjust and modify the color of the photos to make it more vivid and outstanding.You can choose professional -grade software such as Photoshop, Lightroom, or choose a smartphone app to complete.

Photo display and sharing

After careful shooting and sorting, the large -scale photos of sexy underwear can be displayed and shared.Choose suitable social platforms or personal blogs, share photos with people and fans you like, or you can also participate in related shooting competitions to show your personal style and charm.


Large -scale photos of sexy underwear are an expression of self -confidence, sexy and taste, but before shooting, you need to pay attention to your own conditions, venue and props, makeup and shooting posture, and pay attention to privacy protection when released.And show off the degree of showing off.The key to the success of harvest is to constantly try and innovate, and express their style and charm to the fullest.