Sex underwear generally throw that

Sex underwear generally throw that

Sex underwear generally throw that

After many women buy sexy underwear, they will face a question: when should I throw it away?


First of all, sexy underwear also has a life span.Generally speaking, under normal circumstances, the service life of sexy underwear is about 6 months to 1 year.Using the same underwear for a long time may not only bring hygiene problems, but also affect its appearance and performance.

Deformation or wear

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In addition, if there is obvious deformation or wear in the sexy underwear, you should also consider throwing it away.After all, an underwear that loses the original function not only cannot play the original sexy effect, but may even be counterproductive.

Do you still like

In addition to the above two points, it is also a factor to determine whether to throw away sex underwear.If you no longer like a lingerie, even if it is still new, there is no need to keep it.

Degree of novelty

Sexy underwear is also part of the trend to a certain extent.If your sexy underwear is no longer novel or out of date, you should consider throwing it away and give yourself more wardrobe space.

Whether it is broken

If you have problems such as bad wear underwear, you should consider throwing it away.If you don’t want sexy underwear to be damaged at critical moments, you should deal with it in time.

Whether there is a odor

It is also a reason to have a odor in sex underwear.If the underwear has odors such as humidity, mildew, and smoke, it should be thrown away in time to avoid affecting the dress experience.

Oil Shine

What if you don’t want to throw

Some women may not want to throw away their own sexy underwear, so they can consider taking it out for DIY transformation.For example, add more decorations on underwear, or change its shape.In this way, the charm of sexy underwear can be rejuvenated.

Cleaning and maintenance measures

In order to make sexy underwear more durable, we also need to pay attention to its cleanliness and maintenance.When cleaning, we can use neutral detergent for cleaning and avoid using too hot water as much as possible.In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the storage of sexy underwear to avoid direct moisture and sunlight as much as possible.

in conclusion

In general, whether it should be thrown away from sexy underwear depends on its service life, deformation or wear, whether it likes, novelty, whether there is odor, etc.If you find that your sexy underwear meets one or more conditions above, then you should consider throwing it away.