Sex underwear and pajamas match

Sex underwear and pajamas match

Understand the differences between love underwear and pajamas

Interest underwear and pajamas are two very different clothes, which have different characteristics and uses.Sexy underwear is a sexy, teasing and playful clothes. It is often used to enhance sex, stimulate emotion, and improve the quality of sex.Pajamas are a comfortable, relaxed and relaxed clothes, which are usually used to rest and sleep at home.If you want to match the sexy underwear and pajamas, you need to understand the differences and how to match them.

Choose the right sexy lingerie style

First, choose the suitable sexy underwear style.There are many different styles of erotic underwear, including sex branches, sexy underwear, sexual clothes, etc.Different figures and character are suitable for different styles, which can be selected according to their own characteristics.For example, women with slim figures can selectively sexy sexual clothes, and women with plump figures can choose large -scale sexy underwear.

Choose a suitable color

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Color is also a very important factor.Different colors represent different emotions and temperament.Red represents enthusiasm and desire, black represents mystery and temptation, and pink represents romance and tenderness.You need to choose the right color according to your own personality and identity.For example, lawyers can choose formal black or dark blue pornographic underwear, and painters can choose creative pink or bright sexy underwear.

Choose suitable pajamas materials

For pajamas, material is a very important factor.Pajamas should be made of comfortable, soft, and thin, to ensure the quality and comfort of sleep.For example, cotton and silk are more suitable for pajamas.

Choose suitable sexy underwear materials

The material of sexy underwear is also very important.Materials with high comfort are usually selected, such as cotton, lace, chiffon and real silk.You need to choose the material according to your physique and comfort.For example, for people with sensitive skin, it is best to choose comfortable materials such as cotton or chiffon.

Don’t confuse sexy underwear and pajamas

Interests and pajamas cannot be confused. Interest underwear is specially used in fun and sexual life, and pajamas are used for sleep and rest.Confusion can bring discomfort and misunderstanding, it is recommended to store and wear separately.

Switching of pajamas and sexy underwear should be timely

The wear and matching of pajamas and erotic underwear need to be timely.For example, when you sleep at night, you need to choose a comfortable pajamas to ensure the quality of sleep.In special circumstances, such as celebrating activities or sex, you need to wear sexy sexy underwear.

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Fun underwear and pajamas should be kept hygienic

Interest underwear and pajamas need to be kept clean and hygienic to prevent bacteria and viruses from invasion.It is recommended to replace and clean it frequently to ensure health and cleaning.

The combination of sexy underwear and pajamas should pay attention to details

The combination of sexy underwear and pajamas should pay attention to details, such as color matching, style matching, and material matching.You need to choose according to your own characteristics and temperament, focus on fashion and personality, and increase self -confidence and charm.


Although sexy underwear and pajamas are two very different clothes, they have many commonality in terms of matching and choice.You need to focus on choosing the right style, color and material, and pay attention to details and hygiene.Only in this way can you make you comfortable and sexy.