Sex lingerie shop name logo

Sex lingerie shop name logo

Sex underwear Store Name LOGO Design Guide

1. Understand the brand

Before designing LOGO, you should deeply understand information about the brand’s values, target customers, style and other aspects.In this way, you can design a logo that conforms to the brand image.

2. Simple and clear

The name LOGO of the sex underwear shop should be simple and clear to avoid using too complicated patterns or fonts.Simple LOGO will make it easier for people to remember and recognize.

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3. Color matching

The color of the name LOGO of sex underwear shop should be consistent with the brand image.For example, the use of pink, purple, red and other warm colors can express the characteristics of sexy, charm, and temptation.

4. Font design

Choosing a suitable font is very important for the Funwee Underwear Logo design.You can choose some popular fonts or design a characteristic font.

5. pattern design

The pattern in the name of the sex underwear store should be easy to understand, which is related to the brand image.For example, you can use some patterns related to concepts such as sexy, temptation, and self -confidence.

6. Application scenario

The name LOGO of sex underwear shop needs to respond to different application scenarios, such as store signboards, websites, brochures, gifts, etc.It should be considered that these different scenes have enough space in the design.

7. Innovation


Innovative sexy underwear shop name LOGO is easier to attract people’s attention and enhance the brand’s popularity and reputation.

8. Legal and compliance

When designing the name of the sex underwear store, it must be genuine. Do not have any patterns or fonts suspected of infringement or illegal, so as not to involve legal disputes such as trademarks.

9. Repeat modification

Design sex underwear store name LOGO needs to be modified and improved repeatedly until the expected effect.You can solicit the opinions of others in many ways and constantly adjust and modify.

10. Impression

The final design of the sex underwear shop name LOGO should be able to leave a deep impression, which will naturally think of the brand image.

When designing the name of the sex underwear store, you need to consider many factors and comprehensively arrange combinations to design an excellent LOGO.A good LOGO is of great significance for sexy underwear brands.