Several categories of sex underwear in trademark classification

Several categories of sex underwear in trademark classification

In the second category of trademark classification, sexy underwear involves the trademark classification of clothing, shoes, hats, socks, dresses, family textiles, and bedding.In -depth discussions on the characteristics of sexy underwear and industry trends.

1. The characteristics of sexy underwear

Sex underwear is an important part of sexual supplies. Compared with ordinary underwear, fabrics, patterns, styles, etc. are more focused on sexy and see -through effects.Generally, cutting is more fit, tight, and local inlaid with sequins or see -through mesh, emphasizing its charm and sexy.Therefore, in terms of trademark exclusive rights, sexy underwear has also been protected independently.

Second, sexy underwear trademark classification

Fun underwear is based on the trademark classification system, which belongs to 25 categories. Under this category, it mainly includes clothing, shoes and hats, socks, family textiles, bedding, etc.Among them, sexy underwear occupies an important part of this category, and has a very high share in the segment.

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Third, sexy underwear trademark application points

The core of sexy underwear trademark applications is whether it can reflect sexy, charm, fashion, high -quality and other elements.Taking DE SOCIETY as an example, its trademark uses silver -plated materials, unique pattern design, and high -end packaging to successfully express brand positioning.Therefore, when applying for a trademark, it is necessary to combine the brand’s concepts, styles and other factors, to refine the characteristic elements that can represent the brand, and focus on it.

Fourth, sexy underwear trademark registration difficulties

Interesting underwear trademark registration is more difficult, because trademark review standards in this field are different from other fields.Generally, sexy underwear trademarks may be too exposed, sexy, obscene, etc., and it is difficult to apply for trademarks that meet the trademark review standards.It is recommended to choose unique pattern design, color matching, and trademark names during the application to reasonably use elements to avoid the emergence of flooding elements and increase the probability of successful trademark review.

5. Market trend of sexy underwear

With the pursuit of quality of life, the industry’s requirements for sexy underwear have continued to improve.In recent years, sexy underwear has gradually transformed from a symbol of sexual products to the way self -cultivation and self -display.Consumers pay more attention to their quality, style, suitable degree, brand effect, and technical content, especially foreign markets, and sales have increased significantly.

6. Fairy underwear market competition is fierce

In the sexy underwear market, competition is very fierce.Its competition is mainly reflected in the aspects of different concerns, different styles, and differentiated pricing. There are a large number of brands in the Chinese sex underwear market. Consumers make purchasing decisions due to brands, grids, and design, and industry brands are becoming increasingly fierce.At this time, through effective trademark registration and design, the brand’s popularity, influence and brand value can be effectively enhanced.

Seven, sexy underwear subsequent development trend revelation

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The future development prospects of sexy underwear are still broad. With the introduction of more and more creative design and technology, the diversification, professionalization and scientific and technological development of sexy underwear will be an inevitable trend.In the registration of trademarks, in order to prevent subsequent interests, it is recommended to apply for the update and maintenance of trademarks in a timely manner to ensure the exclusive use right of trademarks.

8. Summary

As an important part of sexy underwear, it belongs to 25 categories in the trademark classification system and has high trademark value.When applying for a trademark, we need to pay attention to the key points of brand concepts, design elements, and pricing strategies.Through technical investment and innovative research and development, in the market facing fierce competition, the successful enhancement of the brand’s awareness and brand competitiveness is an important development direction for the future trademark design and registration of the industry.